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Just Between Lovers Ending Explained: Will It Have Season 2?

Just Between Lovers Ending Explained- Will It Have Season 2
Just Between Lovers Kdrama 2017

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Here is the Just Between Lovers kdrama ending explanation for kdrama lovers. There are not many kdrama featuring a heavy story with a slow burn. However, Just Between Lovers has delivered the result pretty flawlessly. The kdrama revolves around the lives of people who survived or lost their loved ones in a disastrous mall building collapse accident. A single incident changes several lives. Those who survived are left with guilt, agony, a dark past, and an unclear future to live. Just Between Lovers shows how people overcome the painful past and walk towards a better tomorrow, healing each other. It is a story of Gang Doo and Moon Soo, who heal each other while slowly but surely fall in love.

Just Between Lovers, also known as Rain or Shine, kdrama premiered on 11 December 2017 on the JTBC channel. The drama concluded on 31 January 2018 with a total of sixteen episodes. Each episode runs for 70min. Just Between Lovers is written by Yoo Bo Ra and directed by Kim Jin Won, starring 2PM’s Lee Joon Ho, Woo Jin A, Lee Ki Woo, and Kang Han Na. The kdrama has outstandingly portrayed a painful yet beautiful journey of Gang Doo and Moon Soo, who survive the unfortunate tragedy, leaving incurable scars on their souls.

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Just Between Lovers Plot Summary

Just Between Lovers is a story of two people, Gang Doo and Moon Soo. Lee Gang Doo has always dreamed of becoming a soccer player. However, a tragic accident crushes all his dreams where he losses his father and breaks his leg. Therefore, he spends three years in rehab. After returning, he has nothing to do and wastes his days until he meets the person who changes his life for good, Ha Moon Soo.

Ha Moon Soo designs architecture models. However, she also has gone through the misery, the same accident where she losses her younger sister. Now, Moon Soo suffers from survivor guilt. She tries to overcome the guilt by suppressing her emotions and living her life earnestly. However, after crossing paths with Gang Doo, she begins to open up about her hidden feelings.

Just Between Lovers Cast

The kdrama Just Between Lovers stars 2PM’s Lee Joon Ho as Lee Gang Doo, Woo Jin A as Ha Moon Soo, Lee Ki Woo as Seo Joo Won, and Kang Han Na as Jung Yoo Ji as main leads. The supporting cast members include Kim Hye Jun, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Gang Hyun, Na Moon Hee, Yun Yoo Sun, Ahn Nae Sang, Han Seo Jin, Nam Gi Ae, etc. Each supporting cast wonderfully portrays their character in Just Between Lovers, making the kdrama worthy of your time.

Just Between Lovers Ending Explained: Does Gang Doo Die in Just Between Lover Kdrama?

One of the highlighted questions many viewers are curious about is Gang Doo’s death. Fortunately, Gang Doo does not die in Just Between Lovers kdrama. After knowing his critical health condition, which requires a liver transplant, Moon Soo and Gang Doo’s sister Jae Young worry about him to death. Initially, they find a donor, Sang Man. But, due to Sang Man’s complicated health condition, it seems risky to do a liver transplant. Everyone loses their hope in the end. However, miracles do happen, rarely, but they do. After losing his consciousness by the end of Episode 16, Gang Doo is taken to the hospital. Fortunately, they find a liver donor, saving Gang Doo’s life. As the kdrama Just Between Lovers implies, some miracles could come out of someone else’s misfortune. Such a beautiful yet bitter truth of life.

Just Between Lovers Ending Explained- Will It Have Season 2

Just Between Lovers Kdrama Ep16 scene

Do Moon Soo and Gang Doo End Up Together At The End Of Just Between Lovers?

Yes, Moon Soo and Gang Doo end up together by Just Between Lovers ending. After finding a new liver donor for Gand Doo, they successfully save him. Gang Doo begins his new where he truly learns to love himself to guard and love his beloved people. He understands that he needs to protect himself. So, he can do the same for the people around him. Gang Doo takes a step towards his dream. He studies to become a design superior while working. Moon Soo has become successful in her career line and working to reconstruct the bathhouse. Doing the thing we love, indeed, has a different charm. Both of them are stepping toward the future they have planned together.

Just Between Lovers Ending Explained- Will It Have Season 2

Just Between Lovers Kdrama featuring Gang Doo and Moon Soo Ep16

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What Happens To The Other Supporting Characters In Just Between Lovers?

One of the charms of Just Between Lovers is that the kdrama also focuses on the supporting characters’ stories. By the ending of Just Between Lovers, every supporting cast, whether it be survivors or victim families, everyone gets their own happy ending they deserve. Seo Joo Won begins working as an architect now. Jung Yoo Jin makes things right for everyone. She delivers the truth about his father’s stealing matter to Gang Doo. Gang Doo’s father did not steal any material but only took discarded parts with no value. Yoo Jin apologizes to Gang Doo for the same and compensates him.

Lee Jae Yong runs a small clinic with Sang Man, which the medicine grandmother used to run. The clinic is also open for foreign patients. It has been only a year since they restart, but Gang Doo is planning to keep the place running for decades. Jung Yoo Taek losses his director position, leading to his wife divorcing him. That is a good thing because now Yoo Taek is free to woo Ma Ri openly. Moon Soo parents’ divorce in the end. It took them too long to realize they were hurting each other all the time. Whereas Moon Soo’s father works as a bus driver, her mother joins a rehab center for alcoholics. Finally, after their divorce, both seem content with their new life. This is what maybe they needed the most.

Do They Build The Memorial Park?

Yes, they build the Memorial Park by the end of Just Between Lovers. In the last episode, they send an invitation to all those people, who were involved in the unfortunate accident, directly or indirectly. All survivors, victim families receive the invitation to the opening ceremony of the Memorial Park. The Memorial Park is designed to witness the trace of the past accident, to remember the victims, and to comfort the victim’s families. However, they did not show the actual Memorial Park in the end, which they should have. But sadly, they did not.

Just Between Lovers Kdrama Ep16

What Is The Message In Just Between Lovers Ending?

Just Between Lovers is not everyone’s cup of tea. The kdrama contains a heavy storyline that would leave you with a jumble of emotions. Just Between Lovers is a slow-burn process of healing from the past trauma for a new beginning, for love, hope, dream, and most important, self-love. Not many viewers can handle this melodrama containing a heart-wrenching storyline. Just Between Lovers shows how people live after going through trauma.

It left many scars and the loss of their beloved ones, leaving the survivors alone in the harsh world to survive alone. It is a process of overcoming the pain, survivor guilt, agony, and other psychologic concerns. Just Between Lovers kdrama delivers numerous issues that reach the audience. It is a slow burn that reveals different aspects of life not many people address. If you enjoy watching melodrama featuring slow burn with a heavy plot, Just Between Lovers is a perfect kdrama for you!

Just Between Lovers Ending Explained- Will It Have Season 2

Just Between Lovers Kdrama featuring Gonf Doo and Moon Soo

Will Just Between Lovers Have Season 2?

Unfortunately, there is no official news of Just Between Lovers Season 2 yet. The kdrama Just Between Lovers has wrapped all loose ends perfectly. It will be difficult to come up with a storyline that could match Just Between Lovers 2017 (season 1). However, if the writer or the production house decides to create the second season, it will focus on a new plot with new cast members. Maybe they will come up with a similar storyline with different content and characters. It is also possible that they may come up with a whole different idea for the plot.

In the end, all of these are mere speculations, and nothing is confirmed. The possibility of getting Just Between Lover Season 2 is few. The kdrama premiered in December 2017 and concluded in January 2018. Thus, it has been more than three since the release of Just Between Lovers kdrama. That makes us sure that there will not be any Season 2 for Just Between Lovers fans. However, you never know what will happen in the future. As for now, there is no Just Between Lovers Season 2. To recall the beautiful chemistry between the couple and relish every moment of heart-wrenching scenes, you can watch Just Between Lovers kdrama on Viki and Hulu.

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