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Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments: The Sold Out King

Everything Jungkook touches turns into gold. Known to be the king of selling out items, let’s look at some of Jungkook’s iconic fashion moments.

Today’s article will be talking about Jungkook’s iconic fashion moments. Jeon Jungkook from BTS has a pretty long list of things he is significantly known for. From excelling at singing and dancing as per his profession, he has also got a knack for a lot of different things. To list some would be drawing and painting, photography, film making, songwriting, video & song production, sports, and it keeps going. He is a true creative genius who loves to express his emotions through different forms of art, music being his love language. Adding on to it all, one of the most unforgettable things about Jungkook is his style statement.

The 24-year-old singer has swayed the fans away with his uniqueness on multiple occasions. He has been given the title of the “Golden Maknae” by leader RM. And he proves all the time that he very well deserves the title. Everything he does is just so perfect, thanks to his gifted talent and unmatched dedication that makes him give his 200% no matter what he does.

Along with his talent for creating different forms of visual arts, he has got fashion as one of his major interests. Jungkook believes in creating his own style statement. His idea of fashion is anything that makes him feel comfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Jungkook fashion moments that will be going down in history. Read it till the end, I am sure you won’t regret it.


One of the most iconic things about Jungkook’s fashion is his love for black clothes. He has experimented with a lot of different styles. But, his all-black looks have been pretty consistent to this date. As casual and comfortable as it looks, it also gives out very chic vibes. Jungkook is often spotted sporting this look on airports and as he strides through the venue, the scene looks no less than a ramp walk. Along with it, he prefers his clothing to be oversized. He believes oversize is the right size. Almost all of his all-black clothing includes at least one oversized item. The idol who can pull off almost all kinds of looks is especially a fashion inspiration for his all-black looks. Here are some of the most remembered and appreciated all-black looks by Jungkook.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion

The 170519 Jungkook at Incheon Airport with a customized baseball hat by ARMY


Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

The 191213 Jungkook

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

The 200220 Jungkook at Incheon Airport


In addition to the oversized black clothes, something that seems like a must include the item for Jungkook are his big chunky boots. His love for big boots has been with him for a very long time. Before he made the big black shoes his style, he was spotted carrying his high-rise timberlands on all possible occasions.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion

Jungkook wearing timberlands on airport

The timberland phase of Jungkook is a ‘to be remembered’ style. It was the same era when we got the most appreciated “Adult Ceremony” dance cover by Jungkook and Jimin. Immediately after this arrived the combat boot look of Jungkook which is still in running to this date. Towards the beginning of 2019, all black Jungkook had made his appearance. And this was the time when we were ready to welcome his black boots, quite literally.

Jungkook iconic fashion

200511 Broadcast

Rings a bell?

Sold Out Prada Boots

Talking about Jungkook’s shoes, this is a must mention. In a live broadcast of May 11, 2020, when BTS was releasing behind the scenes of the making of their album “BE”, Jungkook was seen wearing these Prada boots. His iconic style has been inspiring so many people around the world. But, the kind of impact these boots have is hard to believe. ARMY fell in love with Jungkook’s Prada Chunky Sole Combat Boots so much, that they made this item go out of stock. It is a rare sight to see these luxe items getting out of stock, but in this case, the item got sold out in a matter of hours.


Getting items out of stock is the kind of power Jeon Jungkook from BTS holds. He could touch anything and it turns into gold, and hence he has been given the title of “The Sold Out King”. When it comes to impacting the stocks, the price never matters for ARMY. They see Jungkook wearing it, they want it in their wardrobe. There have been countless occasions when the items Jungkook wore went out of stock faster than the brand themselves could imagine. Here are some of the luxe brands Jungkook outsold.


The Balenciaga Jungkook is one of the favorite looks of Jungkook which is also immensely loved by ARMY. After all, the cool college student vibes Jungkook gave out this day is something we will never forget. The impact was strong enough to coin the term “200904 Jungkook Syndrome” and can we deny suffering from the same?

Jungkook Iconic Fashion

The Balenciaga jacket wore by Jungkook got sold out, because ARMY just loved the jacket of course. It was on August 21, 2021, when BTS hosted the Comeback Spot Live on V Live Jungkook was spotted wearing the Balenciaga zip through windbreaker jackets.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

Louis Vuitton

BTS is now the official brand ambassador for the brand Louis Vuitton. But Jungkook had an impact on the stocks of the brand way before they were announced as the official ambassadors. The Louis Vuitton Jacket Jungkook wore for the Dynamite music video went out of stocks as soon as ARMY found out.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

BTS became the official house ambassador in the April of 2021. After which the art director of the brand, Virgil Abloh, posted an Instagram story of his interaction with BTS. The ARMY spotted Jungkook wearing a fancy grey jacket and that was all for them to get the item out of stock immediately.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

Yes, it is a low-quality picture from the Instagram story posted by Virgil. But, it is the same picture posted by Virgil which was enough for ARMYs to trace down the item and get their hands on every piece in the stock. Jungkook must be shaking his head with a smile looking at ARMY be so dedicated about out-selling stuff, right?


Jungkook is very well aware of the power he holds over the businesses. BTS had been added to the TIMES most influential people of the year in 2019. And, their influence has only grown over the year, exponentially. Understanding this, Jungkook has been up to promoting a lot of small businesses and making the items go out of stocks. And isn’t it something very unique about Jungkook’s fashion?

A Whale-tale pendant and bracelet wore by him, both from a brand called Delixir went out of stock. Delixir is a brand that promotes and donates to protect the abandoned animals. Needless to say, Jungkook definitely knew what he was doing when he carried the accessories.

About his impact on the sales, Jungkook shared in a Weverse magazine interview that he wants to help small businesses grow during the pandemic, even if it’s just a little bit. The present time has been tough for everyone and if through his influence he’s able to help them, he is happy about it.

In the selca uploaded by him on Weverse just a day before his birthday, he was seen wearing a vibrant colorful sweatshirt.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

The sweatshirt belonged to a brand called “Children of the Discordance”. The brand is by a Japanese designer, Hideaki Shikama. On their website, they mentioned how they promote fair trade and develop the practice of paying a fair amount to the craftsmen. Through this gesture, we are sure Jungkook wants everyone to support fair trade practices.

In the Weverse post, Jungkook asked the ARMYs to comment down lyrical sentences that they wanted to tell him. And what he did with the comments will definitely warm your heart.

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Jeon Jungkook is a believer in gender-neutral fashion. When BTS was added to the Vanity Fair “Best Dressed List” in 2019, Jungkook shared that great style according to him is wearing anything you like, regardless of gender.

Undoubtedly, he has proved his words on multiple occasions. He has been spotted wearing both gender-neutral fashion and items from the female clothing section a lot of times. Jungkook has shown it quite a several times about how he likes stepping out of the boundaries of gender norms. In an interview when asked about something he dislikes, his response was “prejudices”. He has also been spotted wearing items sold by the store that supports LGBTQ+ and promotes gender-neutral fashion.


Modern hanbok is back in trend and the credit certainly goes to Jeon Jungkook. For a long time, Jungkook has been spotted wearing the modern hanbok on multiple occasions. Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing. Also known as ‘Choson-ot’ the term literally translates into “Korean Clothes”. Around the late 19th century, traditional clothing started falling out of fashion as western fashion was also taking over. Then came the colonial rule of Japan and by the early 20th century, hanbok went out of fashion. But, it was until 2019 when Jungkook wore it and hanbok gained back its popularity. He has been spotted wearing the modern adaptation of traditional clothing quite several times. Enough for everyone to understand that he was certainly making a fashion statement.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

This one apparently was enough for the modern hanbok fashion to skyrocket, not only in South Korea but also outside. We know that our boy has been promoting the culture and encouraging everyone to wear Hanboks. Additionally, when BTS made a special appearance on the reality survival show “I-Land”, all the members gifted something to the contestants as a token of good luck. And that time, Jungkook had gifted modern hanbok to the now ENHYPEN member NIKI.


I can bet the moment you read it, the only thing you can think of is the Lotte Family Concert Jungkook, because SAME! It all takes us back to that little warning he gave on the last day of the Love Yourself concert. When he shook his leaned back head and said “I am going to be a sexy Jungkook in the future.” And did he lie?

The iconic 190811 Jungkook is someone who will be remembered as the pioneer of The Jeon Jungkook era.

Jungkook Iconic Fashion Moments

Long hair, shiny suit, manly physique, sweaty features, oh what a sight to see! To this day this is something we will never get over. We can definitely say that he was very well aware of the impact he would cause and well, his smile definitely tells a lot about his intentions.

You have to be lying if you say that you were able to overcome this day.

Shortly after this Jungkook made a tweet sharing that he had a haircut.

He shared that since his hair got damaged, he had to get it cut to revive it. ARMYs were a little sad with but they’re here for whatever Jungkook does. But, long hair Jungkook soon made a comeback. Even on his latest live which he hosted on his birthday, he mentioned that he isn’t planning to get his hair dyed as he is now growing out his hair again. Here are some breathtaking shots from the iconic day of August 11, 2019.



Unbuttoned shirt has been one of the iconic Jungkook styles for a very long time. He just loves leaving the first button hanging. BUT! Let me take you back to the Map Of The Soul ON: E concert. Jungkook’s MY TIME performance, which was definitely The Jeon Jungkook’s time. The time when Jungkook first appeared after turning 23, the time after which he never stopped wrecking us, the time when his first button got accompanied by the second one, the time when-

His look on the first day of the concert was crazy enough to catch ARMY off guard. The leather pants with a leather jacket and leopard print shirt. And just when we were trying to comprehend what he did, the next day of the concert arrived. And with that first beat, all of our jaws with most of our phones were dropped on the floor. Unbuttoned cheetah print shirt with red skinny high-rise pants and red overshirt. Additionally, he had an undercut which was definitely too strong for our weak hearts.

My Time is a song about how Jungkook was living in an absolutely different time zone than his peers. Things like when his friends were riding the subway, he was on airplane mode, that is he was busy touring because of work. He talks about how he has grown up much faster than everyone else. We all know that Jungkook has been very determined and dedicated since a very young age, and hence, he can see the heights very few people of his age can achieve. But, as amazing as it sounds, the truth is not always like that. And that is what Jungkook tells us about through this song.

And with this performance, he definitely sent us to a whole different zone altogether.


The greatest debate of the century is, “Are those piercing real?”.

“Look closely, they look like stickers.” “Oh well, they are stickers actually, what a relief”

“Wait a minute! They have a press conference and Jungkook still has it. Are they really fake?”

“Yes, look closely. Maybe the stylist liked the look on Jungkook.” “Oh, you’re right.”

Sounds familiar? This was the debate the entire fandom was engaged in. After his sexy long locks and admirable full arm tattoos, it was his eyebrow piercings that took the internet by storm. But ARMYs sat back relaxed thinking those were just stickers until Sowoozoo (Muster 2021) happened. The piercings looked way too real to be fake. And it was on his V Live when Jungkook himself confirmed that he did get the piercing as he was bored of the stickers.

Whatever style it may be, we have to agree that Jungkook can kill it all!


A bonus column for some of the Jungkook exclusive styles no one else can pull off.

The Carrot Jungkook

To be dressed as your favorite food. That’s exactly what Jungkook did for the 4th Muster

The Bunny Boy

What could be better than our bunny boy dressed as the real bunny?

The JinHit Design

How can we miss out on this leJINdary outfit designed by none other than Kim Seok Jin? Who do you think can pull off a- whatever he’s wearing.

All of this leads to only one conclusion, Jungkook does not follow a fashion trend, he IS the fashion trend.

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Vijaya Srivastava, an ARMY and a K-culture enthusiast with significant interest in the pop culture in general. Loves creating and expressing through visual arts. A believer of "no darkness, no season can last forever".

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