‘Jump Force’ Reveals New Images For Piccolo And Perfect Cell

Jump Force has been dropped some really good additions to the game recently, and just a few days ago, we were told that the game would now add two more characters from Dragon Ball Z. Among many other names, Cell and Piccolo were the ones who are actually making their way to the game, and it is just getting better and better. Both Cell and Piccolo are fan favorites when it comes to DBZ.

Piccolo is loved as one of the Z fighters, while Cell is probably the best villain in the story so far, in my opinion. Having them added to the roster is great. Bandai recently stated that the game would be making additions all the way up to February 2019, which leaves room for thought on who could be joining the game next.

Perfect Cell Jump Force

As far as the images go, you can check them out here. Both Piccolo and Cell look very cool. We can even see Cell doing the Kamehameha, which is fantastic. Piccolo can use the Makankosappo, which was pretty much expected. I am eager to play using these characters in Jump Force, and I think they’ve made all the right additions so far.

Piccolo Jump Force

Of course, some of the characters are still missing like Midoriya and Bakugo from My Hero Academia, Asta and Yuno from Black Clover, Meliodas from Nanatsu no Taizai, etc. Of course, there is still time, and I think we will get these additions soon. Who else would you love to see in Jump Force? I would love it if we get Charlotte Katakuri from One Piece, Madara Uchiha from Naruto, and maybe All Might.

Jump Force is going to come out in 2019, and the exact release date for the game is February 15.

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