Jump Force Adds Kenshiro And Ryo To Roster

Jump Force has made a lot of good additions recently, and it seems that they will just keep on coming. This month, we got some really good additions which were announced just recently. For those of us who missed it, we’ll let you in on who the new characters to join Jump Force are. Bandai Namco started teasing the addition of the new characters a few days ago, and some people already started to figure out who the characters were going to be.

Jump Force Release Date

Jump Force New Additions

Yesterday, it was revealed that Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star would be making his way to Jump Force. I’m sure that this is an addition that the fans will love, because of the love for the series and because of the fact that the guy has literally become a meme for saying ‘Omae wa mou Shindeiru.’ It will be really interesting to see the Hokuto Shinken in the game be able to use it. He isn’t the only addition that we found out about. There is more.

Bandai also announced the addition of Ryo, from City Hunter. Ryo walks in with his Colt Magnum, and just like we’re used to seeing, he never really misses the target. The game is really living up to the hope. Those who have tested it out have had nothing but praise for it, so I’m definitely buying this one. If you’re interested in buying Jump Force as well, make sure to mark your calendars because a release date for the game has also been announced. Jump Force comes out on February 15, 2019.

Yes, there’s still some time, but you won’t get bored waiting because there are still more additions that Bandai has promised to announce all the way up to February 2019.

I’m really excited for the game’s release, and I’m sure that you are too. Let me know what you’re expecting from Jump Force in the comments section!

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