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Will There Be Julie and the Phantoms Season 2?

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release Date
Julie and the Phantoms performing on stage - credit Netflix

“Julie and the Phantoms” is the new nine episodes Netflix teen drama. And just as its first season aired last year, the show seems to be on a fast track to becoming one of the most underrated gems on the platform. The show came out back in September 2020, shortly after which it developed massive popularity among watchers. So, even though only half a year has passed since then, fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. Luckily for the fans, a certain something confirms the arrival of season two in the most unconventional of ways. And here in this article, we will be discussing this certain evidence along with the other possibilities surrounding Julie and the Phantoms Season 2.

Julie and the Phantoms is an American adaptation of the Brazillian series Julie e os Fantasmas. For this, showrunner Kenny Ortega was hailed all the way from Disney. He was the one responsible for the hit musical works such as those of High School Musical and Descendants. According to Ortega, this premise of a girl who plays in a band was brilliant. So, putting his own twists and cinematography only allowed this Brazilian show to be witnessed by the globe. For him, the premise ignited his spirit to bring in some heart, surprise, magic, action, and adventure. And while the show does do that, it also allows one to follow their dreams while discovering their inner strengths. And unlike Netflix’s other shows, Julie and the Phantoms is able to weave the story around musical numbers as they play a crucial role in the story.

Julie and the Phantoms Plot

“Julie and the Phantoms” follows the life of a high school girl named Julie who lost her mother only a year ago. She was very passionate about music, but after the tragedy, she had seemingly lost it. But one day, as she was in her mom’s old studio, an anomaly occurs. Three ghosts of dreamy musicians from 1995 appear before Julie. And with the help of these ghosts, she is able to rediscover her love for music as she starts singing as well as writing songs again. As she builds a friendship with the ghosts, they convince her to form a new band with them, called Julie and the Phantoms.

Is there a Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Coming?

Any Julie and the Phantoms fan would know that the show even has a book on it. So, there is a popular theory going around that claims how Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet as it wants to sell the second book before the show airs. The second book isn’t available just yet, while another Julie and the Phantoms merch is currently in stock on Amazon. While the fanbase increases, the amount of merch has also seemingly increased. Now, within all this merch, few eagle-eyed fans might have discovered a new Julie and the Phantoms book. Unfortunately, this book isn’t available just yet, but one may pre-order it so that they could receive it on time.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release Date

Luke, Alex, and Reggie – credit Netflix.

According to various sources, the new book would pick up from where season 1 ended. That would mean the book would probably entail the plot for Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. Fortunately, we do have a release date for the book, which has been set for 3rd August 2021. Fans can pre-order the book right away, 4 months prior to its launch. As of now, this book acts as the only confirmation for Julie and the Phantoms Season 2.

When will Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release?

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 is set to be released somewhere in Late 2021 or Early 2022. As of now, Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed. Therefore, no news regarding the season’s release date or trailer is available. Our only source of confirmation would be the Julie and the Phantoms book available on Amazon. Considering how a show takes a significant amount of time to film and how possibly Netflix wants to release the season after the book’s release, it should happen sometime after August 2021.

What will happen in Julie and the Phantoms Season 2?

Caleb Covington

Fortunately, Julie and the Phantoms ended in a cliffhanger where Caleb Covington takes over Nick’s body. His intentions are unknown, and more regarding it only can be known as the show continues. Elsewhere, the show established how the three ghosts were only still present on Earth as they had unfinished business here. So possibly, this season could revolve around dealing with those problems. The showrunners and cast have refused to reveal much about the ending, which probably means that a season 2 is in the works.

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