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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga On Break: What We Know About it

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen has taken a break, and it has not yet officially announce when the Manga will return to its weekly release. The battle between sorcerers and the higher-ups continues. The students vow to change the rule and protect Yuuji from meeting his end. Yuji is a young boy who swallowed the Sakuna fingers, and the higher-ups still aim to kill the young boy. Yuuji and the rest of his friends decided to stop the killings and go against the higher-ups. The culling game is also about to begin. Let’s look at what the recent chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga has to offer. From the recent development, Naoya got punished after trying to take down Maki.

After the battle, Naoya Zenin headed home and met with his mother, who noticed that he is severely injured. Naoya’s mother realizes that Maki is the one who smashed Naoya, who is bleeding to death. The house gets filled with Naoya’s blood, and he wonders why Maki spared his life. The captain of the Zennin clan realizes that Naoya can do something that will hurt Maki to get his revenge.

During the battle between Naoya and Maki, Naoya though he is not that weak that a girl can beat him since he is the most powerful captain of the special force. During the battle, Maki allowed Naoya to punish her and realizes that he will fall on her trap. Naoya unleashes a special attack called twenty-four frames that will takedown Maki in a second, but Maki got prepared for that with a plan in hand. Maki realizes that twenty-four frames are the signature move of the Zennin Clan, and if they catch her, she will freeze to death.

Jujutsu Kaisen Updates

If her counterattack fails, Naoya will knock her out with a single hit. Naoya dashes around Maki at full speed and believes that he got Maki where he wanted. Maki remind Naoya that he is an imposter and girls like her are not worthy of being beaten by imposters. The twenty-four frames that Naoya creates get completed as he tries to knock Maki. Unfortunately, the table turns for Naoya after Maki changes her slap attack to a one-person punch attack. A vast punch landed on Naoya’s face, who realizes that he has no match against Maki. Naoya falls unconscious and loses his mobility.

He is disappointed that the head of the Zennin clan got brutally beaten and humiliated by a girl. After arriving at home, Naoya heads to the living room as he crawls, and his mother followed him with a kitchen knife. Surprisingly Naoya’s mother begins to bleed from her neck and fall on top of Naoya. It looks like she has killed her or someone cut her neck. Naoya loses the ability to use his cursed energy and wonders if he could die. Before Naoya’s mother died, she had memories of her past.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Cursed Tools

That day Naoya’s mother enjoys playing with her daughter and son. She told them that she is a proud mother that she gave birth to those two. The family of three enjoy playing together before things change after Naoya and Maki grow up. Naoya realizes that his mother gave her life to him. But his heart is still filled with vengeance and rage. Later Maki arrived at another area where she met with Mai’s friend swiping the floor. The girl is surprised to see Maki carrying Mai on her back.

Maki told the girl to take care of Mai as she hands her over to her. The girl wonders what the two were fighting with since they are both injured. Maki decided to go somewhere after telling the girl to keep Mai safe. On her way, Mai recalls the day she got involved in a fierce battle with twenty-one members of the Kuruku Unit and the Hei. That day would have got written in the history of the Zennin Clan. Mai would have executed all the members of the Zennin Clan.

Later other Clans got shocked after hearing the death of the Zennin Clans. But they couldn’t find the traces of cursed energy that originate from the cursed tool. Only the curse tools goit discovered in their body and injuries. After a few weeks, the Big Three Family had a meeting and decided to remove the Zenin Clan from the family, as Gojo and Kamo clan suggested. But the Jujutsu HQ chose to investigate the matter. That was all about the latest chapters’ Manga updates.

Wher To Read Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Online?

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga’s latest chapters are available on Viz and other official platforms.

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