Spoilers & Highlights: Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152

Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki has recently pulverized the Kukuru Unit, The Hei, and Captain Nobuaki. After a fierce battle, Captain of The Hei Naoya Zenin appears in front of Maki. Naoya praises Maki for put on an outstanding performance during the fight. Jujutsu Kaisen, Manga Chapter title, is ”Pefert Preparation Part 4.” Naoya had a flashback of his past where everyone told him that he might be the head of the Zenin family. Naoya believes that he is the most genius guy in the Zenin clan. At a young age, he discovers a Black Sheep in the Zenin Clan.

A Black Sheep is a man with no ounce of Cursed Energy, and Naoya thinks that person might be pitiful. Naoya attacks Maki with barrages of punches, and Maki blocks the attacks counting from 3 to 11. The two exchange massive blows and Naoya seem to have the upper hand. He destroyed everything around using his fists. Maki got sent flying after receiving a dropkick from her chest and smashed the ground. Naoya thinks that he is not fighting Maki but someone else that he knows from the past.

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During the battle, Naoya asks Maki if she is Toji. Maki looks at Naoya while counting from 6 to 14. Naoya jumps up, intending to land a heavy blow on top of Maki, lying on the ground. Naoya realizes that no one understood Toji except for Satoru. Maki couldn’t move when Napya landed a heavy blow, and he picks her up by her legs. After picking Maki by her legs, Naoya smashes Maki with the ground like he is hitting the ground with a stick fo countless times. While smacking Maki, Naoya comments that Maki is not Toji.

Maki noticed that Naoya had landed massive attacks, and she has never laid a single scratch on him. Naoya told Maki that she is not the one who stands with ”THEM,” but he is the one. Maki realizes that defending without fighting back, Naoya might end up taking her down. Maki discovers a limit to the body’s speed when activating the Curse Technique and realizes that she won’t make the same mistake as before. Naoya decided to use strength and weight to stop punch through Maki’s speed.


Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki’s Victory

Maki crotch and prepares to unleash a new attack called Shiranui: Gata. After Mai exchange her life form with Maki, Maki has earned a body of steel that broke away from Cursed Energy. But one her new state, Maki has suffered blood loss and severe injuries clashing with Ogi and The HEI. Maki, who noticed that Naoya had surpassed Subsonic speed, and she is at a disadvantage. Naoya realizes that Maki has pulled a great technique that he has to be careful with the attacks. Maki told Naoya to allow her to embrace him with her new style.

Naoya begins to circle Maki trying to make 24 frames per second to counter the ”Slap” attack. Naoya realizes that he has a second to make 24 frames, or Maki will catch him with a ”Slap.” Maki learns that if she fails, when will freeze for one second, and Naoya will eliminate her in that one second. Naoya continues circling Maki at full speed and comments that he won’t fall for Maki’s trick. Maki ignores Naoya, who tries to tease her telling her that she is an imposter. Naoya failed and wonders why she changed a Slap to a fist.

Maki comments that she read every movement of Naoya, even in her steel body form. Naoya replies that Maki and Naobito are the fastest people ever. Maki told him that he made 24 moves per second, but it was not enough to stop her. Finally, Maki landed a heavy fist blow that knocks out Naoya’s cold and apologies for smashing him. Naoya is lying unconscious on the ground. His face looks like he was fighting with an army of a thousand men.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152 release date is 13 June 2021. Also, read Spoilers & Highlights: Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151. We will find more about Maki and the rest of the sorcerers in the upcoming chapter.