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Judge Joe Brown Net Worth: The Second Richest Judge Of USA?

Why Is Judge Joe Brown Trending?

Judge Joe Brown, the former host of the reality court show named Judge Joe Brown, made some extremely sexist and offensive comments on the most successful woman of the United States Of America. Brown was the first African American lawyer in Memphis. He broke the stereotype that was prevalent at times that blacks don’t deserve high education. But he proved everyone wrong. He opened his law own chambers to practice law. After practicing as a private lawyer for almost fifteen years, he earned the position of a judge at the Tennesse’s State Criminal Court of Shelby Country.

Brown was shoved into the national spotlight while managing over James Earl Ray’s last appeal of Ray’s conviction for Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. He was The Judge who would have given Ray a death sentence. But on the other hand, he was removed because he refused to believe that Ray has done it.

What Is The Net Worth Of Judge Joe Brown?

Judge Joe Brown: The Sexist Of The Year.

He thought there is much more to the case and wanted to reopen the case. He claimed that the rifle was not the murder weapon and wanted to bring the truth in front of everyone. His appeal was denied, and he was kicked out of his position. 

The First Black Prosecutor Turned Out To Be A Male Chauvinist Pig Of The American Society

It was through this time that Judge Brown captured the attention of the raisers of Judge JudyThey both worked together to investigate the case further, but it was a dead-end. In March 2014, Brown acquired the Democratic primary for the seat of Shelby County district attorney. However, he lost the general vote to Republican administrator Amy Weirich by 65% to 35% after making comments about her sexuality. Brown is a woman-hater, and he feels a woman’s role is just to provide a man an heir. He is basically a male chauvinist pig who can’t respect women because he is too manly for that.

In March 2014, Brown was arrested in his home town Tennessee and was charged with five accusations of hatred of court and getting “verbally abusive” throughout a child support case managed by Magistrate Harold Horne. Brown, who holds his law license, studied a child support matter to favor an experience. According to the reports, Brown became combative and furious after Horne declined to discuss details of the case that were not on the list. Brown was condemned to five days in jail. However, he was later released on his recognizance.

Judge Joe Brown Abused The Vice President Of USA Kamla Harris On A Radio Interview

Brown resigned to the Shelby County Sheriff on August 27, 2015, to subserve his five-day sentence at Memphis Shelby County Corrections Facility. He was released from his arrest on the morning of September 1, 2015. However, he did not affect the punishment, and he kept on making sexist and annoying comments on the female race. He has always been this way.

He has been married twice, but it never worked out because he discouraged his wives from working and asked them to stay home and fulfill their motherly duties. Like seriously judge? What are you, a Hitler of the modern world? But luckily, in the contemporary world, we have a thing called divorce which Brown’s wives filed and got rid of their toxic husbands.

Recently Brown appeared on a radio interview with former NBA player Kwame Brown. Where he made very offensive comments about Lizzo and Cardi B. He called Lizzo a hippo and Cardi B a whore. And he didn’t stop there. He said the Vice President of America, Kamila Harris is Jewish. She has a Jewish husband and two Jewish kids. He said she was bankrupt before coming into politics. He added to his statement that she is a very corrupt person, and then he used the B-word. Brown claims that politics is not a place for a woman, and he asked Kamila to go back to her kitchen.

Judge Joe Brown Net Worth

Judge Joe Brown holds a Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars. It was reported that he used to year around 20 Million Dollars when he used to host his show Joe Brow Judge. However, he quit the show because he was paid less. The rating of the show fell because of his sexist comments on the show. He is the second richest judge in the United States of America after Judge Judy. He owns a property worth 7 million Dollars and a beach house worth 4 Million Dollars.

However, most of his wealth is unaccountable, suggesting judicial corruption during his days of service. But no such pieces of evidence are found to prove him guilty of corruption. Brown still owns his law chambers, and he has more than 100 employees working under him. His law chambers are worth 50,000 thousand dollars. However, his social worth has gone into the negative after he made such comments on Kamila Harris. Million dollars doesn’t count if you have an ugly soul.

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