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JTBC’s ‘Green Mothers Club’ Unveils The First Look Featuring Mothers’ Tea Party

Green Mothers Club Korean Drama
Green Mothers Club Korean Drama 2022

Five powerful women will return with JTBC’s new drama ‘Green Mothers Club’ in 2022! The kdrama has been the talk of the town due to the enthralling casting. Finally, now that the main cast has been confirmed, JTBC has dropped the first look of Green Mothers Club. The story revolves around motherhood and how the friendship grows intrinsically in the five mothers’ life, who meet in the elementary school community. 

The new drama ‘Green Mothers Club’ is written by Shin Yi Won, directed by Ra Ha Na, and will be airing on the JTBC network. The drama stars Lee Yo Won as Eun Pyo, Choo Ja Hyun as Chun Hee, Kim Gyu Ri as Jin Ha, Jang Hye Jin as Young Min, and Joo Min Kyung as Yoon Joo as main leads. It will be thrilling to witness the growth of the beautiful friendship between the five mothers, who share their concerns and stories with each other.

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JTBC’s ‘Green Mothers Club’ Has Released The First Look Featuring The Club’s Tea Party

The Korean drama ‘Green Mothers Club’ will be released in 2022 on the JTBC channel. The premiere day has not been announced yet. The first look of Green Mothers Club has captured the stars’ distance shades. It shows all five are having a tea party in a pleasant atmosphere. However, each of their facial expression gives off different degrees of warmth. While Joo Min Kyung and Choo Ja Hyun deliver radiant features, Jang Hye Jin and Kim Gyu Ri hold mature looks. Not to forget, Lee Yo Won, who seems a little distant and calm, has joined this unique association.

Green Mothers Club

Joo Min Kyung, Choo Ja Hyun, Lee Yo Won, Kim Gyu Ri, and Jang Hye Jin

Just like their diverse attributes, all five mothers come from different backgrounds. Eun Pyo is a highly educated mother who majored in aesthetics. Meanwhile, Chun Hee stands among them, possessing breath-taking beauty and collecting the most informative content for their club. Jin Ha’s beauty, her husband’s status, and her talented son make her Eun Pyo’s rival yet, their friendship grows over time. Lastly, Young Mi and Yoon Joo also join the ‘Green Mothers Club,’ creating various tangled stories for them. 

Therefore, fans should get ready to welcome our powerful ladies in JTBC’s ‘Green Mothers Club.’

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