Jordan McCann’s Girlfriend: Who Is The Rapper Dating?

Jordan McCann Girlfriend
Jordan McCann

Jordan McCann has been making headlines after attacking Thomas. Do you know who Jordan McCann is? Who Jordan McCann’s Girlfriend is? You’ve probably heard of him by now; he’s one of the popular faces now. He is a professional rapper known for uploading his YouTube videos about drugs, guns, and violence. He also went viral on social networking sites for his profession. There is news on the internet that he was arrested. Well, let’s find out more about him, like Jordan McCann’s age, net worth, and others.

Jordan McCann was recently arrested by the police and is currently being searched online. Professionally, he is a rapper who has his own YouTube channel where he uploads his videos to YouTube. Most videos of his go viral because they contain drugs, guns, and violence. He is now behind bars for possession of cannabis and cocaine. This is not the first time that he has been behind bars. He was also jailed in March of 2021.

McCann is believed to be one of the popular gangster rappers whose videos on Youtube go viral among people, even though they are not worth watching. He has a huge amount of fans on his social networks, and most of the young people who like his content follow him. As far as we know, his first song was Lifestyle, which was quite a success in his career and got 1.7 million views.

Who is Jordan McCann’s Girlfriend?

Jordan McCann is currently single. Well, he might be dating someone in his private life and out of the limelight, but there is no information on the internet whether he is with someone or not. Jordan was born to his father, Joseph McCann, who also didn’t have a good reputation. Joseph, Jordan’s father, is a convicted serial rapist who assaulted at least 11 victims between the ages of 11 and 71. Jordan’s father committed the crime while traveling to Hertfordshire, London, Greater Manchester, and Cheshire. Jordan was sentenced to 33 years in prison and probation and later got out on parole after 30 years.

Jordan McCann's Girlfriend
One of Jordan McCann’s Poster

Likewise, Jordan’s famous family includes his mother and brother, who were also involved in a gang shooting in 2016. The mother and son duo are part of a gang of 11 from Little Hulton, Salford, who have received civil warrants for a number of gangs in gangster battles. Needless to say, the McCann family can be considered one of the most dangerous families in the UK.

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Jordan McCann Attacked Thomas

Talking about Jordan, he is quite active on his Instagram account, sharing his latest updates with his fans, such as photos, videos, and his latest upcoming song. He has an impressive fan base on his IG account, and by 2021, he will have over 210,000 followers. Jordan McCann was released from prison this year after the rapper caught up in controversy. He has been involved in many illegal activities such as drug charges, sexual assault, and more. Now, the news came that he had attacked Thomas Hughes, who was nearly dead. Now that not much information about the case has been revealed, we are all waiting for additional updates.

Why Was Jordan Sentenced To Jail?

Jordan McCann was jailed by a court after being found guilty of possessing cannabis and cocaine in March 2021. Meanwhile, this is not his first fight with the police and prosecutors, as he has been imprisoned in a similar case. Despite being in prison, his videos glorifying gangs, guns, and drugs went viral on the internet and made him even more famous.

Jordan McCann's Girlfriend
Jordan McCann

Is Jordan dead or alive?

Jordan McCann fell victim to a deadly Twitter Hoax. The Youtube personality is still alive and is in his own home. After rumors of his death went viral on social media, his sister Amy McCann confirmed that the rapper was still alive. She confirmed this on Facebook and wrote, “Thanks for your concern, but my brother is still alive. I apologize to everyone who was broken by this news, but he is still alive.” Rumors of his death started when a website reported his death and posted a link on Twitter. But the news is fake because the rapper isn’t dead.

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