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Jong Hyun’s Net Worth & Where Does He Spend It?

Late Kim Jong hyun Net Worth
Late Kim Jong Hyun, member of K-pop group SHINee (Credit: SM Entertainment)

Kim Jong Hyun (commonly known as Jong Hyun) was a member of a K-pop group called SHINee. He was a songwriter, composer, radio host, and author under the label SM Entertainment. As a member of SHINee for 9 years, he produced 12 albums. He also created music as a solo artist with his first solo album “Base“.It topped in both Billboard Charts as well as Gaon Chart.

Jong Hyun was quite successful as a musician. However, he committed suicide on December 18, 2017. The group lost its lead vocalist as well as a friend. His last and final album was “Poet/Artist” which was released on January 23, 2018. Having said all that, even though Jong Hyun is not in this world anymore but being one of the top artists of K-pop he continues to make money through his music and other creative products.

Kim Jong Hyun was also a soloist

Kim Jonghyun (Credit: SM Entertainment)

Net Worth of Jong Hyun

Jong Hyun’s Net Worth in 2021 is $10 Million.  In 2021, he makes $1 Million dollars every year approximately. That is per month he makes $84 thousand dollars. He makes around $20 thousand dollars a week and $3 thousand dollars per day. These values change every second because the net worth is a very complex subject to study. It changes according to market values, condition of the market, shares, and more. Therefore the values mentioned here are approximated.

The years 2020- 2021 brought huge business to South Korea with the widespread advent of Kpop. While the COVID 19 pandemic went on for almost a year, people have started finding solace in music. Life is boring like never before causing sales and views of Kpop to rise in general. People are listening to music on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and more. Audience and consumers are buying merchandise, watching youtube videos and Kpop is continuing to grow as one of the largest in South Korea.

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Net Worth of SHINee

Third Anniversary Tribute to JongHyun

SHINee members including Jong Hyun

The net worth of SHINee is worth mentioning because Jong Hyun was a part of the K-pop group. Jong Hyun though he also produced solo music, the group’s popularity, and sales might cause more exposure to Jong Hyun as a musician even after his death.

SHINee’s Net Worths is $6 Million Dollar. This amount is approximate and can vary over time. Considering this value of SHINee as a group, Jong Hyun’s net worth is more. This may be because his solo albums earn a significant percentage of his net worth. Jong Hyun was the first artist in SM entertainment who significantly participated in writing, organizing, and composing an album. Jong Hyun was also a writer and his bestseller book “Skeleton Flower” was re-published after his death.

SHINee’ Net Worth could have lowered with no new music coming up during the period of their military enlistment. Korean citizens who identify as cisgender males have to serve in the military for 1.5- 2 years. The three members Onew, Key, and, Minho apart from Taemin were gone for their military enlistment hence the group was inactive for some time. Taemin had done his military training beforehand so he continued his solo career in 2020. The most hit song by Taemin was “Criminal”.

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Where does the money earned by Jonghyun earn goes?

Jonghyun’s last solo album “Poet/Artist” got released on 23 January 2018. SM entertainment declared that all the proceeds from the album sales and views will be given to Jonghyun’s mother. The funds were used to start a charity foundation.

Esquire Magazine interviewed Jong Hyun’s mother Lee Eun-Kyung to know more about the foundation. The foundation is called Shinin Foundation and it aims to help young people and artists who suffer from stress and mental health issues. Jonghyun himself was suffering from severe depression when he committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The foundation aims at providing support to young people in schools who suffer from severe stress and are into performing arts. Shinin foundation created scholarship opportunities for such students. They also set up a mental health consultancy center to provide better access to mental health facilities for young artists who might have had harsh experiences in the entertainment industry.

Jong Hyun's family started Shinin Foundation

Shinin Foundation Poster

The foundation is funded by Kim Jong Hyun’s royalties earned from the music industry. This announcement was made in 2018 and in 2021 we can say that Jong Hyun’s music is bringing more positivity to the world as well as incomes for Shinin Foundation.

Jong Hyun was himself dedicated to the cause of the development of artists as well as he was an advocate for equality. He spoke up against the oppression of the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea. Thus we can say his work towards the upliftment of his nation as well as the world is being carried forward.

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