Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth: How Rich is He Now?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth

Today we cover in this article Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth. The former child and teenage actor was recently spotted in public walking his two dogs. And he’s in the spotlight for a recent snapshot of him. He doesn’t go out much, not even the pandemic, as this is his first public appearance in over eight years. Please keep reading to find out more about what happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas and why Hollywood forgot about him.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a Pennsylvania native who rose to fame for his role in the sitcom “Home Improvement” and some other productions in the mid-1990s. In this post, we will tell you all the details on why Jonathan Taylor Thomas left Hollywood, his education, and his net worth. What is JTT up to these days? If you read our scoop on this former child actor, you’ll be up to date on this subject, so come join us as we explore the life of Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

jonathan taylor thomas net worth
Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 1990s

Why did Jonathan Taylor Thomas Leave Hollywood?

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas preferred since he was a very young boy the tranquil life of Pennsylvania opposite the torrid lifestyle of Hollywood. Since he was a boy, he loved to play outdoors. So his hobbies were fishing, camping, and hanging out with his friends. In short, his childhood was a lucky one because he had the shot of sharing time with his family and friends while working as a child star. Thomas had the normality of sharing time with kids his age when he wasn’t on the set.

After his notable roles in “Home Improvement” and Disney’s The Lion King, Thomas had a very impressive résumé at a very young age.  But for a rookie talent, especially one like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, all that work at such a young age comes with a hefty price. With legal constraints on the child actor’s working time and the quotidian life, Thomas was fed up with schooling, learning his lines, and having a social life was just too much for him as he was busy almost every hour of the day.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s intense workload as a child actor took a toll on his health, and he often would show up at the recording set feeling ill. All that just for dealing with work stress as a young child. He developed intense migraines at just twelve years old, and this medical fact made a strong impression on his decision to leave his acting career later and focus on other things for the rest of his life. As you’ll see in the following picture, he’s doing well. Here we can see him walking his two dogs and chillin’.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth
A snap of Jonathan Taylor Thomas walking his dogs.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth is around eighteen million US dollars. A sum of money he worked his way since a very young age spanning a film career. You might remember Jonathan Taylor Thomas for his voice as “Simba” in Disney’s “The Lion King,” as well as his role in Home Improvement. Since his last appearance on the TV, his latest picture is the one we share with you right above this text. As for his family and personal life, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was romantically involved in 2007 with a woman called Natalie Wright and dated at some point in the 2010s actress, singer, and songwriter Scarlett Pomers.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas after his acting career

The Pennsylvania native chose to live a private life. A luxury he couldn’t afford as a child actor. Despite his talent for acting as a child, he kept his options open and chose an educational career path to explain this post further. JTT was very good at school. So at the height of his career, he took some time off his acting career to finish high school. That marked his departure from Home Improvement back in 1998, something which angered Tim Allen.

But JTT would have none of it. And Taylor and Allen would later make peace as the actor featured a couple of episodes of Tim Allen’s new show “Last Man Standing.” But let’s get back to JTT’s education. While he could have still acted if he wanted to, he took a different path and made his way to college. His academic years sent him to Harvard, then to Saint Andrews in Scotland, and later to Columbia, where he graduated in 2010.

Final Thoughts

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a very talented actor. He chose to follow an academic career path at the height of his career in the 1990s because the Hollywood lifestyle interfered with everyday life and quotidian things. Even though he kept on acting on and off, he focused on academics and kept his life a personal matter. He has resurfaced from a recent snapshot of him walking his dogs on some street in the United States. Good for JTT! Keep reading more of Otakukart to learn more about your favorite Hollywood stars.

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