“Joker” Trailer Out: Our Reaction

Trailer for Joaquin Pheonix’d Joker seemingly wowed fans at CinemaCon on Wednesday. The said movie is believed to be the story of the origin of the Batman Villian. “Joker” is Todd Philips directorial movie and it’s expected to take aback the fans. The trailer of the said movie is being highly praised and seems to critically acclaimed. The movie reportedly being contrasted with the all-time classic “Taxi Driver”.

The Business Ladder reporter described the trailer as “fucking insane”. Now that the trailer is out, we can confirm that the movie itself is the portrayal of Phoenix’s character. He’s a clown named Arthur hailing from Gotham, he’s shown living through the worst phase of his life. He’s harassed and thrashed on the streets. The movie is about how he is slowly sliding into madness and becoming what he’s known for.

The trailer is unveiled with a scene where Phoenix is conversing with his therapist about what his mother said about life. He narrates his mother’s words to his therapist, that his mother told him to always carry a smile on your face and how she made him believe that his only purpose in life is to bring joy and happiness to the world.

It explains his profession, that’s what possibly motivated him to become a comedian but as the story goes on we get to know that things don’t exactly work out like he wanted them to be.

joker Trailer reaction

Things seem to escalate quickly as his life goes on, he’s called freak and coward for hiding behind that mask. His identity or say profession becomes the reason for the harassment he faces.

As the trailer goes on, we see the movie becoming dark and how he’s changed into someone who has become accepting of his true character. He’s shown transforming into an infamous criminal “Joker”. This movie has apparently taken inspiration from Martin Scorsese’s directorial classic Taxi Driver.

People took it to twitter and many people seemed to get those taxi driver vibes from the “Joker” trailer. However, the trailer has seemingly set social media ablaze. The story of the skinny scaring failed comedian who cares for his mother has succeeded In attracting the Batman fans as well as those who dig the mystery movies. The movie is expected to do well as it’s based on the most loved character, as the director Todd Philips said the genre of the said movie is the tragedy.

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