JoJo Golden Wind Episode 8 – Six Bullets Appears Part 2

Mista managed to get the enemy’s leg injured in the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind. His standability, the Six Bullets, enables him to aim his gun accurately even if he cannot see the target himself. This seems like a good standability, but Mista will find his match in JoJo Golden Wind episode 8.

Mista will found out in the first glance that the guy who is driving the truck is not the man he was chasing. The man he’s after is on the roof of the truck. Mista aimed for the head and got a clean shot. The enemy must be dead by now, but he is not.¬†Mista was taken in surprise when his target complained to him about his head wound seconds after he got shot. Crap, he is a stand user.

It turns out that Mista’s enemy has a standability that makes bullets and other things stuck with other things. The bullets fired earlier stopped in the guy’s skin, preventing it from piercing his head. That’s a helluva guy for Mista to handle, especially because his bullets will not affect his enemy. After using all his bullets, Mista needs to get away to reload. However, he was stuck at the truck handle. What’s even more troublesome is that the bullets he fired earlier were all stuck in the air. Just a flick of a finger and those bullets can come back to him.

jojo golden wind episode 8

To reload his pistol, Mista decided to do a headbang (because he put his ammo on his beanie) and pray that the bullets will land properly into the revolver slot. Mista will manage to get away by using his stand ability to change the course of the bullets he fired. One bullet managed to land on his enemy’s neck, which pushed him out of the truck. While hitching a ride in the truck’s roof, Mista will realize that he’s in trouble because of lack of ammunition (all his ammo fell off his beanie earlier). Just as when he thought he got away, the enemy will be standing in front of their track. How will Mista deal with this? We will know more in JoJo Golden Wind episode 8.

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