‘JoJo Golden Wind Episode 7’ – Six Bullets Appears Part 1

The enemy who attacked Buccirati’s yacht was defeated in the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind. By using Sticky Finger, Buccirati incapacitated the attacker by “chopping” his head away from his body. In JoJo Golden Wind episode 7, it seems like the attacker is not alone and his accomplice is waiting for him to arrive at Capri.

JoJo Golden Wind Episode 7 – Mista’s Time To Shine

After reviving the other members, Abbacchio will use Moody Jazz to the enemy, who is revealed to be Zucchero and his Stand User is “Soft Machine”. Zucchero is still alive, but he cannot move his body because his head is still detached. Abbacchio and Buccirati will find out that Zucchero has an accomplice and he is already in Capri.

Meanwhile, Mista is torturing Zucchero with a fish hook and a pair of glasses. Narancia will join the fun by turning his boom box who happens to be miraculously working again. Abbacchio’s investigation allows them to know that Zucchero’s accomplice is already in Capri. If they landed in Capri without knowing who the enemy is, this will signal the enemy that something happened to Zucchero. Also, there’s the risk that they get ambushed without knowing the enemy and his standability.

jojo golden wind episode 7

Because of this, Giorno suggested that he will use his stand to make a fish and sail faster to the dock. Mista will partner himself to Giorno and they will both arrive in the coast of Capri. Instead of preparing for the mission to ambush the enemy, Mista prepared for lunch that he will give for his stands. Giorno will worry about this, but after seeing Mista’s stand, he will just let them eat. Misa’s stand is six small stands that can fit inside Mista’s revolver. Because of this, Mista can redirect the bullet even after pulling the trigger.

Will we meet the accomplice in JoJo Golden Wind episode 7? Stay tuned for more JoJo Golden Wind spoilers.

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