JoJo Golden Wind Episode 6 – The Moody Jazz’s Counterattack

In the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind, an unknown Stand user ambushed Giorno and the three other members of Bucciarati’s team. The enemy can hide even in the very limited space like a yacht. With Polpo’s hidden treasure and their lives at stake, the team will not let the intruder get away with this. JoJo Golden Wind will finally reveal Abacchio’s Stand ability in JoJo Golden WInd episode 6.

JoJo Golden Wind Episode 6 – Moody Jazz Ability

Giorno Giovanna has a dream, that’s what he said before he was attacked by the enemies stand. Because of that little sacrifice, Abacchio was able to figure out how the enemy is doing his attacks. At the end of the previous episode, Abacchio’s Stand was shown, but his ability remains unknown. In JoJo Golden Wind episode 6, Abacchio will use his stand, Moody Jazz, to bring back the time and inspect the enemy’s power.

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They will assume that their team and their enemy is in one place. That’s why wherever Giorno’s fly will hover around, it is also where the enemy is. Using Sticky Fingers, Bucciarati and Abbacchio will escape before the fly closes to them. Abbacchio will use Moody Jazz to rewind the time 5 minutes before Narancia was grabbed. They discovered that Narancia, along with the three other victims, were flattened and was dragged into the pipes.

Abbacchio will trace the enemy by sending Moody Jazz to where Narancia went after he was flattened. When he felt that his stand is nearing the enemy, Bucciarati will use Sticky Finger to attack. Just a few seconds after Moody Jazz was sent to scout the enemy, Giorno’s fly started to hover toward them. Bucciarati opened the pipe, but the enemy is not there. Will they still be able to defeat this tricky opponent? Who will be the next one to drag out? We’ll find out in JoJo Golden Wind episode 6.

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