JoJo Golden Wind Episode 5 – Polpo’s Hidden Treasure

In the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna took a one step closer to his dream. He managed to join the notorious organization called Passione and became one of Bucciarati’s men. Meeting the group for the first time, Giorno will finally meet other Stand Users in JoJo Golden Wind episode 5.

JoJo Golden Wind Episode 5 – Life As A Gangstar

The first thing that Bucciarati would do is to explain to Giorno about the hierarchy in the organization. The unknown Boss is on the top and below him is an advisor. The advisor takes care of the operatives like Polpo. The operatives will have teams to manage, Bucciarati is a leader of a team.

JoJo Golden Wind episode 5 will introduce the group that Bucciarati handles to Giorno. From the picture below, left to right, is Abbacchio, Mista, Fugo, and Narancia. Narancia is being tutored by Fugo, and the lesson for the day is math for third grade (because Narancia cannot send himself to school). Meanwhile, Mista is ranting because there are four slices of strawberry shortcakes. It is a bad thing to take something out of four things, or so as he says.

jojo golden wind episode 5

Meanwhile, Fugo will stab Naracia’s cheek with a fork because his answer is in 16 x 55 is 28. As they try to kill each other, Bucciarati and Giorno appear. Everyone is a stand user, but even though Giorno is in the same team, the other four will not show him their stand because no trust has been build yet. And as for the official initiation for Giorno, Mista pissed on the teapot and offered Giorno a tea. Of course, all the member of the group except Bucciarati knows what’s going on.

jojo golden wind episode 5

To impress the team, Giorno needs to drink what’s on his teacup, even though he knows what’s inside. Will he drink it or will he choose to offend his future teammates? We will know in JoJo Golden Wind episode 5. That’s a great first gangster challenge, and hopefully, he’ll pass.

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