JoJo Golden Wind Episode 4 – Giorno Is In Trouble

In this post, we are going to be talking about JoJo Golden Wind Episode 4. Giorno Giovanna is on his way to the Gang-star life. All he needed to do is to pass Polpo’s test to become a gang member of Passione. However, we saw in the last episode of JoJo Golden Wind that he failed to keep the lighter lit. Polpo’s Stand appeared and killed the old man immediately. Will Giorno escape the stand in JoJo Golden Wind episode 4?

JoJo Golden Wind Episode 4 – The Arrow

Giorno met Polpo’s stand in the last episode, and the stand is one nasty fellow. He can drag the soul of anyone and kill the soul and the body with the arrow that comes from his mouth. Just before the last episode ends, Giorno was targetted by the Stand due to him touching a shadow. In JoJo Golden Wind episode 4, it seems like Giorno will escape the Stand’s grasp, but he will be wrong about it. Using Giorno’s shadow, the Stand will grab Gold Experience from Giorno’s body and will do what he did to the poor old man.

jojo golden wind episode 4

Gold Experience is weaker than the Stand and cannot get away from his grasp. Giorno knows that if that arrow pierces through Gold Experience, he will be dead. That’s why he tried to command Gold Experience to prevent the arrow from touching him, but just by touching the arrow made his stand cower in pain. But of course, he is Giorno Giovanna, and he has a dream. If he needs to defeat Polpo, then he would gladly do.

He commanded Gold Experience to punch the Stand. Instead of slowing down, the Stand disappeared. Left unguarded, the Stand appeared again and captured Gold Experience while Giorno is in the slowdown. Before he was killed, Giorno managed to get away from the shadow, saving his life. Just then, Koichi Hirose appeared and revealed that he saw the whole thing. The Stand then followed the shadow from the stairs to Koichi and trapped his Stand.

And that’s it for JoJo Golden Wind episode 4. Although Polpo’s stand is strong, Giorno and Hirose will try to defeat him by working with each other. Will Giorno pass the exam? We will know in the future episodes.

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