JoJo Golden Wind Episode 10 – Hitman Team

In the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind, Narancia was pitted against Formaggio, a member of Passione who wants to get Trish, the Boss’ daughter. Formaggio’s stand, Little Feet, makes him and everything he cut shrink over time. Because of this, Narancia started to shrink late in the previous episode. In JoJo Golden Wind episode 10, will Narancia find a way to defeat Formaggio before he’ll be shrunk completely?

Narancia will find his shoe, knife, and even the car bigger than before. It will take some time before he’ll realize that he’s shrinking. The first thing he’ll try to do is to contact his team and alert them of the enemy’s name and stand ability. However, Narancia will not be able to enter the phone booth because even his mass is reduced. He will manage to enter the booth somehow, but his head will be stuck between the doors when it automatically closes. In his annoyment, he just used Aerosmith to break the glasses. Before he can make a proper phone call, Formaggio cut the telephone cord.

Jojo Golden Wind Episode 10 1

Narancia will finally be able to locate Formaggio, who is in his pocket the whole time. He will call Aerosmith to feed bullets to Formaggio. However, the gangster escaped just in time and replaced himself with a ballpoint pen. Turns out that Formaggio can push himself up using the pressure from using his ability to expand himself to his original size.

However, he will still not be able to escape Aerosmith. Even though Formaggio launched himself away, Aerosmith was able to find him and attack him. He will wonder how Narancia was able to locate him. Is he using a tracking device?

That’s it for JoJo Golden Wind episode 10. Narancia’s upbringing and his unfortunate childhood will likely be shown before the main story resumes. How is Narancia’s tracking device work and will be able to defeat Formaggio? Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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