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Joe Rogan Wife: All About The Popular Podcaster’s Personal Life

Joe Rogan Wife

What do we know about Joe Rogan Wife? Popular actor, comedian, and podcaster Joe Rogan initially started his career with Disney. He starred in shows including Hardball and News Radio. Rohan went on to work as a color commentator and interviewer for UFC back in 1997.  Joe Rogan eventually launched his comedy special titled I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday back in 2000. He rose to immense popularity after his podcast took off and went on to become a huge hit amongst listeners. Not to forget how the celebrity podcaster went on to make some controversial statements lately.

The celebrity was the host of the game shows Fear Factor for five years. In 2009, Rogan launched his podcast The Joe  Rogan Experience. The podcast went on to be a huge success increasing his popularity as a podcast. While his podcast is quite popular amongst listeners, the celebrity podcaster was recently subjected to huge backlash after he made some controversial statements about the COVID vaccine and even took a dig at Dr. Fauci. The podcasting star was recently tested positive for COVID and he revealed that his treatments included monoclonal antibodies, Z-pack antibiotics, and a vitamin drip for three days in a row. Rogan assures fans that he feels fine.  Let us take a look at all these details about Joe Rogan Wife.

Joe Rogan Wife: Here’s What We Know About It.

Joe Rogan is happily married to Jessica Ditzel. As per repeats, Jessica is a former model, who had earlier been signed on by M Model Management and has worked with a Korean brand, named Wholesome. Many might not know this but Jessica was dating the late Keven Conner. Conner, unfortunately, passed away in a car crash back in 2003. The two had a daughter together, singer Kayja Rose.

Joe Rogan Wife

The celebrity podcaster is notoriously private about his personal life. The podcaster doesn’t reveal much about his private life but has earlier opened up about his experiences as a father on one of the episodes of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Jessica and Joe share three children.

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Podcaster Joe Rogan Controversial Statements About The COVID-19 Vaccine!

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan took a shot at Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Fauci. The podcast host said that part of the issue with Fauci is communication and that he believes that Fauci and other scientists talk down to people because of ego making them less trustworthy.

This controversial statement was further added with Rogan stating that the media has ignored all the things that Dr. Fauci had done to lead people to distrust him. The podcaster made a  special reference to Fauci handing the National Institutes of Health grant to EcoHealth Alliance. This is not the first time that the podcaster has made a controversial statement. He earlier slammed the Kardashian family and called them crazy b*****s! Caitlyn Jenner soon came to the family’s defense while slamming Rogan. 

Howard Stern Throws Major Shade At The Podcaster! 

While podcaster Joe Rogan has made some controversial statements about the pandemic vaccine. The podcaster even slammed Dr Fauci and claimed that he has been misleading the common people. Rogan went on to say earlier in April that he believed that young, healthy people did not need to take the vaccine. The podcaster later cleared the air and stated that he is not against the vaccine as his own parents have also taken the vaccine. However, he felt like young people need not take it anyway.

Joe Rogan Wife

Howard Stern surely took a dig at the podcaster while saying that he sure has no time for idiots in this country anymore. The celebrity further added saying that he wants all the anti-vaxxers to either go to the hospital, stay home, or die there with your COVID. Stern threw some indirect dig while saying while stating that these people need not take the cure but not to clog up our hospitals with their COVID when they finally get it. This was a clear dig at the podcaster it seems. 

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