‘Jirisan’ Behind The Scenes Are Full Of Mischievous Cast Members And Passionate Acting

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Jirisan Behind The Scenes
Jirisan kdrama 2021

Like the on-screen chemistry, Jirisan cast has also presented their off-screen bonding numerous times! Therefore, we have brought some funny, mischievous moments from Jirisan behind the scenes. So far, the drama has displayed the perfect teamwork of Mount Jiri’s Rangers. However, their off-camera chemistry will leave you rolling on the floor with their hilarious but sweet moments. But then again, this is not all! Besides the cast members’ mischievous moments, behind the scenes have also shared some major spoilers! These spoilers give little glimpses of the upcoming Jirisan Ep 15 and 16.

Just like the bickering scenes we have seen throughout the series, Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon are exactly same off-camera. Maybe more sweet moments are hidden behind the scenes of Jirisan! Not only them, but Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il, and Jo Han Chul are equally playful as well! Indeed, those behind the scenes can not be missed out. Besides the beautiful bonding between cast members and the production crew, it also shares some amazing locations of their significant screen moments, such as Yang Sun’s death, that deadly wintery day accident, etc. Overall, Jirisan behind the scenes are full of humorous moments and passionate acting! So let’s take a look at those scenes! 

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Mystery Behind Yang Sun’s Death

As we all know, Lee Yang Sun (Joo Min Kyun) falls in heavy flooding water, and since then, the rangers have not found her body. But the actually occurring has been revealed in Jirisan behind the scenes. That fast-flowing floodwater is nothing but the effect of excellent editing. However, it will give you a real vision of flooding. Indeed, it shows the effort the production crew has put into creating each and every scene real! 

Jirisan Behind The Scenes
Lee Yang Sun’s death scene from Ep 13

Strained On-Screen Relationship Turns 180 Degree Off-Screen 

After our halmeoni’s (grandma) death, Yi Gang and Hyun Jo’s relationship has strained. However, behind the scene is a whole different story! Unlike their heartbreaking scenes, off-camera Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon are full of playfulness, teasing each other whenever they meet. Their little, endearing moments are also adored by the production crew. How can they not when these two brings laughter with their adorable antics? 

Mischievous Cast Of Jirisan Showing Off Their Dynamic Acting Skills

The cast members, Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon, including Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, and many more, have shown their versatile acting skills! Of course, their timing is full of giggles and pulling each other. But, while acting, all the cast has proven why Jirisan has stolen thousands of viewers’ hearts! They have given the best shot while filming Go Young’s wailing scene after finding out about Yang Sun’s accident. Oh Jung Se has put his soul while desperately calling his Lee Yang Sun hoobae’s name! 

Jirisan Cast
Jirisan Cast

Another scene reveals the chemistry between Jirisan trio, Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Jung Se, and Jo Han Chul. It shows they are investigating the serial killing happening in the mountain. Despite the heavy scene, the trio is full of laughter and giggles! The same goes with Ju Ji Hoon. Even during his killing scene, he brightens the whole atmosphere, mingling with the other rangers. Even with their mischievousness, each shoot ends with a perfect cut, delivering every scene flawlessly. 

Jirisan Behind The Scenes Shares Spoilers 

Jirisan behind the scenes are not all about off-camera moments but also sharing spoilers! Most importantly, the drama shares some glimpses of that terrible snowy day accident. We see Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun) get hurt and fall on the icy snow. Afterward, Hyun Jo (Ji Ju Hoon) saves her, and while trying to contact the ranger station, someone harms him badly. The killer also appears to be one of the rangers since he has worn the ranger’s winter coat! Check out the video below. 

Another surprise the behind-scenes video reveals is Hyun Jo’s underwater scene! Maybe in the upcoming episode, we will see his spirit going through major changes. Hopefully, the outcome is good and brings him back to life! Overall, Jirisan behind the scenes are filled with playful moments, showing heart-warming bonding between the cast and crew as well as the production team’s effort while filming the drama! Therefore, stay tuned to know the latest updates of the supernatural fantasy kdrama Jirisan! 

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