Jiren’s Real Nature Just Got Revealed In DBS Manga

Jiren has probably been one of the biggest mysteries in the Dragon Ball Super series for the past few months. We didn’t really know anything about him. But thanks to the Dragon Ball Manga, we found a lot of interesting stuff about the Pride Trooper from Universe 11.

It is safe to say that Jiren is going to be a big part of Dragon Ball Super even after the Tournament of Power arc, which is something I think is inevitable. Jiren has been portrayed as a completely different character in the manga, as opposed to the anime. From the anime, we know him as someone who doesn’t speak much. He looks to be too proud and too into himself. The website for Toei itself mentioned him to be too proud of his power, which makes him cocky.

It was also evident from his fight with Goku. He was acting too cocky, and he even went to meditate because he thought nobody was worth his time anymore. But, surprise! In the manga, he’s a completely different character altogether. Jiren is extremely polite in the manga. Not only that, he at least talks to Toppo and Dyspo, which I don’t think happened a lot in the anime.

The biggest thing we got to know about him is that Jiren protects and fights for peace in Universe 11. We already knew that he is a member of Pride Troopers that fight for peace. But in the manga, it is clear that Jiren cares for every single person in Universe 11.

He doesn’t even kill anyone. Not even his enemies! That’s right. Even if there is someone who causes destruction and creates havoc, Jiren will not kill him. That’s the kind of person he is. I think we are in for a lot of new information about Jiren in the manga. Sure, the anime may even head in the same direction, but when you compare what we know of Jiren from the manga and the anime, they seem completely different.

What do you make of this? Honestly, I was surprised that Jiren is like this. I mean, Toyotaro did say that he was going to go deep into Jiren’s character and give us a backstory but I always imagined it would be more in line with what we’re used to in the anime. In any case, I think it is great! The character development we’re getting is amazing and it is making me even more excited for the Tournament of Power. What about you guys?

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