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Is Jiren Really Stronger Than Beerus? – Explained

Jiren stronger than beerus

Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers form Universe 11, and he has recently been the center of a lot of focus. Jiren’s fight with Goku explained a lot of stuff to us, and more importantly, we got a taste of how strong he was. It was revealed that Jiren is actually much more powerful than a regular mortal.

I think nobody expected him to be this strong, but he has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

In is fight against with Goku, we saw a glimpse of his powers. He pummeled Goku even though he was using Kaio-ken x20 and Super Saiyan Blue. Until Goku awakened Ultra Instinct, he was not match for Jiren. When he did, he was atleast able to match Jiren. Now, before I continue, I wanna let you know that this post might contain spoilers. So continue at your own risk. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue.

Firstly, I don’t believe that we’ve seen Jiren’s full power yet. He didn’t even try until Goku used Ultra Instinct. Kaio-ken x20 Goku was treated like a nuisance. This says a lot about where Jiren stands. An important thing to notice is that Jiren was able to block most attacks that Goku threw towards him in Ultra Instinct form. Even when Goku tried to land a kick, Jiren dodged it.

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Dyspo and Toppo weren’t even able to see where he came from, despite Dyspo being fast enough to recognize when Hit would use Tokitobashi. This only proved one thing to me. Jiren is a master of Ultra Instinct. Not only can he use it, he has completely mastered this ability as well.

When Goku awakened the Ultra Instinct, those around him said that it wasn’t likely that a mortal could achieve this godly form. They said both Goku and Jiren would’ve gone through tremendous training to reach this power. I think Jiren was specifically trained in the ways of Ultra Instinct by Belmod. However, while Belmod wasn’t able to perfect it’s usage, Jiren managed to do so.

When it comes to Beerus, we know he’s very powerful. But, Goku, while in Super Saiyan God was actually able to hurt Beerus a little. I know Beerus wasn’t using his full power, but Jiren literally toyed with Kaio-ken x20 Super Saiyan Blue. He was never able to stop Super Saiyan God with just a finger, like Jiren. Moreover, if the theory that Jiren is a master of Ultra Instinct comes out to be true, he will surely be above Beerus, because he hasn’t mastered this power yet.


Is Vegito Stronger Than Jiren? – Explained

There are only a few warriors who can defeat Jiren as of the moment. Unfortunately, Hit was eliminated the moment he faced Jiren. Goku was out of commission because he is still resting from the lost of stamina. Vegeta might be able to stall him a bit, hmm. Even Frieza is afraid to fight against Jiren. And Gohan? Can we doubt on the idea that Gohan is getting a new transformation?

If we can’t really rely on unfused characters, the only thing that we can do is hope that a miracle will happen. Or, we can hope for a fusion to be made. The best candidate right now? Of course, it would be our playful warrior, Vegito. There is only one problem about this though, Potara Fusion is not allowed, and so as for fusion characters like Vegito.

But how well would Vegito fight against Jiren if he gets the chance? There is only one benchmark that we can do to determine Vegito’s strength against Jiren. Is Fused Zamasu stronger than Jiren? If yes? Vegito will destroy Jiren. If no? Then you know what’s the answer. Fused Zamasu was Vegito Blue’s latest opponent and he is the closest God-like warrior that Vegito fought.

But this is more complicated than power levels and transformations. Goku was actually able to fight teeth against teeth alone with his ultra-instinct form. So when we mixed in Vegeta and do some math, Vegito should crush Jiren because of his overwhelming power. But that’s not really the case in the whole DB series.

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