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Jinx Episode 5: Release Date, Cast & Spoilers

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date & Spoilers
Jinx Episode 5

The fantasy romance drama Jinx Episode 5 is coming up on screens really soon, and the internet is buzzing with enthusiasm. The South Korean drama series is one of the most awaited ones this year, and now with its release, everyone is eager out there. Portraying the genres of romance and fantasy, the show has created a huge fanbase in a very short duration of time. The viewers out there love the content and the cast performance, which is acing everyone’s heart. The drama series is being appreciated highly for its plot structure both by the audience and by the critics.

Directed by Nam Tae Jin, the show is also known as Jingkeuse. The K-drama is known for its unique plotline, and it is gaining popularity with every passing episode. Plus, the direction done by Nam Tae Jin has also increased its demand as the director has produced many hit K-dramas like Part-Time Idol, Beautiful Gong Shim, and Joseon Exorcist. Plus, he is also known for his unique style of direction structure and is known for using unconventional ideas in his ways of working.

We are here to talk about the upcoming episode of the show and discuss all the needed details. So, without taking any more of your time, let’s have a look inside and figure out everything we have gathered up for you.

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date & Cast

Jinx Episode 5 will be released on October 20, 2021, at 5:30 AM. Well, the wait is going to end really soon, and your eagerness will have its cure. The show aired its first episode on October 6, and if the same release schedule is followed, then the final episode of the show will air on November 6, 2021. The series has a total of 10 episodes with a running time of 20 minutes each. Jinx is originally distributed by Daum Kakao TV, and you can catch up on the episodes with a subscription. Every new episode air on Wednesday and Saturday.

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date & Spoilers


Talking about the cast then they are handpicked and have been highly appreciated for their powerful screen timing and their adaptation of the characters in the series. In the main role, we have Chani as Gyu Han and Eunseo as Se Kyung. In the supporting roles, we have Kim No Ra as Ja Yeong, Choi Yu Ju as Su Jin, Kim Sang Woo as Tae Hyung, and Kim Han Jong as Hyuk Soo. All of them are doing a great job, and their acting skills have created a buzz everywhere on the internet.

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Jinx Episode 5: Plot & Spoilers

In the show, we meet an ordinary but not so ordinary college student named Gyu Han, who has his strange ability, i.e., an unlucky jinx. Every time the poor boy sneezes, things go exactly the opposite way of what he wants them to. This strange ability of his lands him into unfortunate situations on a daily basis, and he is completely done with them. We also see him having a one-sided crush with a firm belief that if he tries his hardest, then he can win her heart. The hot and cold temperature romance between Gyu Han and Se Kyung is one of the main interests of every viewer out there.

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date & Spoilers


With all the problems caused by the curse upon him, he still tries his best to go into normal life and pursue his unrequited love. In the previous episodes, we see him getting into very embarrassing and troublesome situations and how he tries to avoid those difficult situations by doing his best not to sneeze anywhere anytime.

Plus, we see our main lead struggling with her past memories, and in the past episodes, we get a glimpse of it too. In the upcoming episodes, there’s a lot to see, and there is a lot to happen. We won’t spoil it much for you as all of us are not a fan of spoilers. The episode is going to come out soon enough, and your curiosities will have their way, too, with it.

Stay Tuned for further updates!

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