It seems Ji Sung, once again, has fallen in love with his wife, Lee Bo Young, after receiving a heartwarming gift. And this time, even his children helped their mummy surprise their daddy and show their support. It’s not unexpected that many fans adore and admire their relationship. After all, the couple has been together for more than a decade. Even their tenth marriage anniversary is coming soon. 

The pair had met on the set of Save Last Dance for Me for the first time. Love bloomed as they got to know each other. Finally, in 2007, they confirmed their relationship. After dating for years, the couple eventually got married in June 2015. At present, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have a sweet family of two children, daughter Kwak Ji Yoo, and son Kwak Woo Sung. Even after spending a decade together, their love for each other has not diminished even for an ounce. The two are well-known for showing their support for one another’s work, and this time also, it is no different.

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Proud Husband Ji Sung Shows Off Gifts From Sweet Wife Lee Bo Young

One of the most romantic South Korean couples, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young, don’t shy away from supporting their partner. The almost decade-long pair has melted fans’ hearts with their latest sweet event. This time, it is Lee Bo Young’s turn to show her love. So it was Ji Sung’s Instagram posts that revealed the sweet, touching surprise event arranged by his wife and his children.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young
Cr: Ji Sung/Instagram

On 7 May 2022, Ji Sung posted some pictures on his Instagram revealing that his family has thoughtfully sent a coffee truck and snack truck to the set of his new tvN drama ‘Adamas.’ Currently, Ji Sung is filming for tvN’s thriller mystery drama, Adaman. While her husband is working hard, how can sweet wife Lee Bo Young not support him? Her little support shows how much they adore and support each other’s work.

Ji Sung shared five pictures revealing the coffee truck and snack truck have lovely encouraging messages from his family. One banner with Lee Bo Young’s photo states, ‘Adamas cast and crew please fight until the end and cheer up!’ Meanwhile, the second banner with Ji Sung’s photo reads, ‘Please eat deliciously Team Adamas and be happy.’

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Ji Sung Receives A Heartwarming Present From His Children

To surprise their father, even Ji Sung’s children participated because the third banner features a photo of their children. The banner displays, ‘We are your biggest fans -Kwak Family.’ (Many fans may not know, but Ji Sung’s real name is Kwak Tae Geun) Like a proud husband, Ji Sung revealed the gifts sent from his wife, Lee Bo Young. The same goes for her daughter. Like a proud father, Ji Sung also shared a picture of the gift from his daughter. It was a drawing of her and her brother and was captioned ‘A painting by Ji Yoo.’

Ji Sung and His Children
Cr: Ji Sung/Instagram

Romantic Husband Supporting His Wife 

Like Lee Bo Young’s surprise, Ji Sung had also done the same. In January 2021, Ji Sung surprised his wife, Lee Bo Young, by sending a food truck and coffee truck on the set of her drama ‘Mine.’ We have seen many South Korean celebrities doing the same events for their friends, lovers, or family. However, the simple event does leave a sweet impression on their beloved ones.

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung
Cr: J,WIDE Company/Instagram

Therefore, Lee Bo Young didn’t shy away and thanked her husband for showing his support for her and her work. The food truck and coffee truck were adored by little sweet messages such as ‘I’m cheering on Lee Bo Young, the most lovely actress in the world, with Team Mine,’ ‘Take care of your health everyone until the end and gain strength,’ ‘Thanks for loving and cherishing our Bo Young so much.’ etc. These small actions make Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s relationship stronger. Therefore, witnessing their heartwarming moments, we wish all happiness to Ji Sung and his family!

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