Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 4

Today we’ll be talking about Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 episode 4. For the most infamous bunch that ever saw the state of New Jersey and its followers, things get even more complicated after a vacation show.

This week we get to see Ron and Jen screaming at each other, Jersey Shore style, so expect to look at Jen tearing off her mic and throwing it at Ronnie. In the confession booth, all we hear are beeps of censorship because it’s Jersey Shore and cursing is a recurrent subject in this MTV reality TV series.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 4

Ron believes that he and Jen would probably fight each other until retirement. With everyone else having dinner chugging wine and doing what the Jersey Shore bunch knows best, make ridicule of themselves on camera.

The whole dinner revolved around the confusion of how the word “snifter” rhymes and sounds like the word “sphincter” With pearls of the wisdom of a 48 IQ mind such as Vinny asking whether the Sphincter is the space that separates the anus and male genitalia, but Nicole educates him with her background of veterinarian tech training. Enlightening for Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2

After the whole Jen and Ron screaming and kicking, the police had to intervene, and MTV was not allowed to film the police investigation. All that ruckus caused somebody in the vicinity to call 911 and real life being as it is, well… stuff like this happens. After much drama from the entire cast, the authorities tell Ron that there is no harm in Ariana’s way and that there is no warrant for Jen.

Ron is trying to get legal custody, and this has seemed to be a heavy burden on his shoulders, so at a dinner, he toasts his friends for pushing him to do what’s right (as if being steroids pumped drunkard dealing with paternity issues isn’t enough on somebody’s plate).

The boys and girls do some zip lining between buildings with a bunch of screams and laughs. Pranks, insults, grudges, and confessions come and go as some of the bunch plans a trip to Vegas and the other plans a trip to Atlantic City to do some work.

It’s ironic that there’s so much drama in this utterly more-of-the-same show because the second part of this episode involves a fight between Vinny and Angelina regarding a stripper pole in a suite and the appropriate place to make such passes.

To only think that at the middle of the episode the very Vinny said that they’re drama free, but well, think again, this is Jersey Shore. Check back to OtakuKart for more updates on this and other shows and series.

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