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Jeon Mi-do Net Worth: How Much Does the Hospital Playlist Actress Earn?

jeon mi-do net worth
Jeon Mi-do

Recently Korean actors have taken over the world, as K-Drama and movies are dominating the culture world. Hence, now people are more curious than ever to get to know more about these actors and their personal lives. One such celebrity who has been recently in the spotlight is Jeon Mi-Do. She is a multi-talented actress in the Korean movie industry, and people are going gaga over her. Thereby, in this article, we will get to know about Jeon Mi-do net worth and more about her lifestyle. However, if you do not know her, well let us introduce you to the amazing actress plus musician.

Jeon mi-do had started her career as a musician and had an amazing melodious voice, however, her fame did not start from there. Recently, she was seen in the series Hospital Playlist and grew from there. People noticed her as an actress, and from then on they started to get interested in her personal life as well. Though she does not regret the fame that she finally got and there is a high potential that perhaps her music career will sky-rocket from here too. This is a great opportunity for Jeon Mi-do, as this fame will bring in a lot of chances for her.

Jeon Mi-do Net Worth

With the uprising of fame, of course, one of the major things that fans want to know about jeon mi-do is her net worth. Well, without getting into extra details anymore. Jeon Mi-do’s net worth is around $1 to $5 million approximately. This has been a quick improvement in her net worth from the time that she started in the industry. Back in 2020, her average net worth could be calculated approximately was $83K – $11K. Thereby, you can understand how much did the role in the Hospital Playlist, helped her to get up to a certain level. Before that she was just getting started hence her net worth for then is not even close to what it is now.

jeon mi-do net worth

Jeon mi-do in a series.

Her career started in 2006, with a musical named Mr. Mouse. She was quite an important part of musical theatre and being in that industry for such a long time, she had managed to make herself in a prominent position. However, as she went towards a sole music career, that did not take up much. As mentioned before, things started to get better as she entered into the world of series and movies. Her first on-screen debut was “Mother” back in 2008. The series was a thriller mystery, which was quite dark, however, she managed to attract some directors and cast members with her beauty. Finally, she got one of the lead roles in the Hospital Playlist, named Chae Song Hwa.

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Jeon Mi-do Husband

As like every Korean actress and celebrity, everyone wants to know about the relationship status of Jeon mi-do. If you have a massive crush on her, we have some bad news for you, unfortunately. Jeon mi-do has been married since 2013. She got married when she was 31 years old, and she was married to her then-boyfriend, whose name is not yet revealed. However, we do not have much idea about him as he is not a celebrity. Therefore, she would like to protect his identity at all costs. If you feel a bit disappointed about the fact that Jeon Mi-do is married, here is a small romantic story about how they met and got married.

jeon mi-do net worth

Jeon Mi-do

She and her husband had met in a very unconventional manner. They had met on a blind date, which was quite a different way of getting a life partner. However, there is a small rumour about the actress. Sometimes, it is considered that perhaps both of them got married after 6 months of dating. There were a lot of people who thought that the marriage would not last for long, as they got married so soon. Well, we need not say much as they are still happily married to date. However, we are not aware if she has any children or not. However, there is a high chance that even if she does, she would like to keep them private.

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