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Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Breakup – What Went Down?

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Breakup - What Went Down?

We hate to say, but yes, if you’ve been hearing, J-Rod is officially over. For their fans, it’s quite sad news to wake up to. The relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez dates back to 2017. The two former love-birds reconnected while separately having lunch until Lopez approached Rod. Soon the next month saw them seeing each other until the end of March 2017, Rod confirmed their relationship. With the couple making their red carpet debut and getting closer to each other’s family. Plus, also a song from Lopez titled “El Anillo” dedicated to Rod saw the relationship thriving and finally announcing their engagement in 2019. But now, it seems like a distant dream all over again.

After two years of engagement, J-Rod is heartbroken. The news started surfacing and making a buzz on the internet as one of Hollywood’s couple goals is no longer together. Anyway, here we are, taking a look at what happened and everything we know about the scenario with a heavy heart. So let’s begin.

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The J-Rod Break-up – What Happened?

The New York Post was the first one to report the news. The split came off after a number of times Lopez’s and Rodriguez’s wedding was postponed. The last picture the couple had together was last month in the Dominican Republic.  There were also rumors that Rod was in with a young reality star. Anyway, still, there were no comments. But, yes, Alex Rodriguez kind of gave away a hint of the coming news. He posted a picture on Instagram that saw him alone on a yacht in Miami. The caption for the picture read, “Don’t mind me, just taking a sail-fie… What are your plans for the weekend?”. While this was intended a joke, but now doesn’t seem like one.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Breakup - What Went Down?

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez also kind of hinted in one way of coming breakup. Her social media saw her posting some old clips featuring her laughing. Particularly appearances from different Television shows. JLo’s caption read, “Find a good reason to laugh today… Sending everyone love,”. Anyway, the fans didn’t expect this anyway.

Also note, Covid-19 being one of the reasons, for some reason or another probably, the couple postponed their wedding quite a times. Blaming it on the pandemic, the couple postponed it twice, with December 2020 being the most recent one. Plus, in a recent interview, Jlo also revealed that the couple went through therapy to help their relationship.

For now, there is no exact reason revealed behind the couple’s split. But yes, there are quite rumors that Rodriguez is connected with a young reality star. He had facetime with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy. Although he had shut down those rumors, there is a source that tells that they haven’t met, but yes, face-timed each other.

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The Full Picture

Anyways, it’s kind of heartbreaking, but that’s the truth. We are looking forward to the reason behind the couple’s split. We would like to hear more from both of them once they are ready. Until then, we like to reminisce the time we looked up to them. The last we saw them together was at President Biden’s Inauguration. They were very much in love, plus Jlo’s performance was downright worth seeing too.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Breakup - What Went Down?

The couple got their official name J-rod three years ago. The couple had big plans for their wedding right after the promising engagement in 2019. There were reports that the couple had bought a $40 million waterfront home on Star Island in Florida last summer. Plus, they had already moved into a Miami home with help from Chip and Joanna Gaines. They also bought a Manhattan penthouse which they later sold.

J-rod was literally building themselves up step by step without any rush. They started off on easy dates and public appearances. Until they started involving their families with themselves more often. They both literally became the internet’s couple goals. Plus, A-Rod was even like Instagram boyfriend goal for some time being. After seeing a future and Jlo saying yes with an engagement ring, J-Rod was everyone’s favorite couple in town.

Anyway, as there is no news on the reason behind J-Rod’s split, we will be looking forward to hearing from both of them. Until then, stay tuned to Otakukart for further news revolving around Entertainment, TV shows, Anime, Movies, and Gaming.

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