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Jeep Challenge On TikTok, How Can You Accept The #JeepChallenge?

What Is #JeepChallenge?
What Is #JeepChallenge?

Tiktok is the new rising platform that influences all sorts of trends on Instagram and other social media platforms. Recently a new hashtag was trending #JeepChallenge. And now TikTok has come up with a new trend that is “Jeep Challenge On Tiktok.” So, this challenge requires you to have a Jeep, obviously, but this challenge will not ask you to use it as a vehicle. You just have to pretend that your jeep doors are not working, and you have to enter your jeep through the window.

Keeping your head upside down and your hands on the ground. You have to hold the wheel with your legs and pull yourself up through a jeep window. If you successfully do it, then Bravo! However, how much fascinating it might look, it is utter nonsense. Because of the possibility of failing, this challenge is more than completing it.

How To Accept Jeep Challenge On TikTok

#JeepChallenge On TikTok.

Many people have lost control of their foot works and have slipped down and cracked their necks as jeeps are built on a particular height compared to other vehicles. It is very dangerous to enter into a jeep through a window. Even celebrities are following the trend. These trends are supposed to be fun until they don’t cost anyone their spines.

How To Complete The Jeep Challenge On TikTok

There are some rumors that you can’t complete the challenge if you are short in height. However, there is no such thing if you are an athlete and have muscle strength. You can easily complete this challenge. On the other hand, people who are not so sure about their muscle strength should not take the challenge as they might end up hurting themselves.

Before taking the challenge, you should make sure that your jeep’s gates are locked, and your jeep is in a steady position. Then you have to run towards the door of your jeep so that your body maintains the inertia. Maintaining the motion jump high to get hold of the wheel. Meanwhile, your head stays upside down with your hands on the ground.

Morgan 2 Crowned As The Queen Of #JeepChallenge

Make sure to use your hands to support your body if you cannot pull your body. Due to the support of your hands, you will not have serious injuries like breaking your neck or fracturing your shoulder. Once your legs have reached the wheel. Hook your ankle to the wheel and slowly remove your hand from the ground. Only withdraw your hand support when you are sure that your ankles are properly hooked to the wheel. After that, pull yourself up. Here comes the difficult part as soon as you are up and you are sitting comfortably on the window. Unhook your ankle and slide yourself to be seated on the driver’s seat comfortably.

Is The Jeep Challenge On TikTok Dngerous?

Morgan2 The Winner Of The Jeep Challenge On TikTok.

There are other ways to attempt the challenge. When Morgan 2, the Digital Director of Bobby Bones Show, attempted the challenge, she used a cartwheel technique to set her body in inertia, and then she hooked her legs to the jeep door. Then she pulled herself up by holding the window pane with her bare hands and pulling herself up. She and her friend made a tick-tock where she is completing the challenge went viral with 3 Million views on Facebook and over one million views on Instagram.

TikTok Challenges Are Fun, But They Are Equally Dangerous

People with weak calf muscles and weak upper body strength found not to attempt the challenge as they might fail and hurt themselves. Even Morgan 2, who is considered as the winner of this challenge, tweeted. She doesn’t have a height that says 5.9 but has muscles that can yell Challenge completed. Many people have ended up injured due to these TikTok challenges.

A year ago, a hashtag went trending on TikTok #KikiChallenge where TikTokers had to accept the challenge of stepping out of a moving car and dancing on the song “In My Feelings” by Drake. Meanwhile, the driver has to film them completing the challenge instead of keeping their eyes on the road. More than 40 people lost their lives to stupid challenge and more than 60 ended in a car accident. TikTok is fun until everyone is safe and sane.

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