Jason Alexander Net Worth: The Seinfeld Actor Is On Board For A Star Trek Project?

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Jason Alexander Net Worth
Jason Alexander

Want to know more about Jason Alexander Net Worth? Popular actor, comedian, and director Jason Alexander gained immense fame and success after he bagged the role of George Constanza in the hit iconic sitcom Seinfeld. Believe it or not but that role earned him not one but seven Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Fans loved the sarcastic yet loveable George Constanza and were applauded for his impeccable timing in the show. The actor once revealed that earlier people tried to get him to leak major show secrets from the series finale of Seinfeld in exchange for money!

Given how popular the comedy sitcom was, the studio had to build walls around to prevent paparazzi from catching photos from the finale shoot, which would lead to major spoiler leaks! The actor was the series lead in the CBS show Listen Up. The show, however, opened to a lukewarm response from fans. Viewers must also remember him as he appeared for a cameo role as a suicidal supply manager in the comedy sitcom Friends. The actor went on to guest star in several notable shows, including The Orville, and is all set to appear in yet another Star Trek-inspired show. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Jason Alexander Net Worth.

Jason Alexander Net Worth

Jason Alexander Net Worth is estimated to be $50 million. Apart from being a big part of the industry, the actor has performed in Broadway musicals as well. He played the role of Albert Peterson in the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie. He was recently seen as a drama teacher named Gene Lundy in Young Sheldon.

Jason Alexander Net Worth
Larry David and Jason Alexander

Fans also saw him as the blacklisted Broadway playwright named  Asher Friedman in the hit series The Marvelous Mr. Maisel. He starred alongside Jack Black in the comedy flick Shallow Hal. Jason Alexander also appeared in one of the episodes of the hit CBS show Criminal Minds.

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Jason Alexander Have An Interesting Response To William Shatner Going To Space!

William Shatner recently took everyone by surprise after it was revealed that the Star Trek actor would be heading to space with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company. Not only fans but even Seinfeld star Jason Alexander had a  hilarious response to the news, and this came in the form of a tweet! Take a look at the tweet made by the actor given right here.

He tweeted, saying that now that Shatner is going to space, he also needs to become a marine biologist. Alexander was making a funny reference from Seinfeld where he pretended to be a marine biologist to impress his old college crush, Diane. Jason Alexander was one for the series lead who played the role of George Constanza. Fans might know that the Seinfeld actor himself makes a spot-on William Shatner impression! The tweet went on to become viral in no time! 

Jason Alexander Joins The Cast Ensemble Of Star Trek: Prodigy

It seems like we have a new name in the Star Trek: Prodigy Family and its Seinfeld star Jason Alexander! He will be joining along with several other stars in the voice cast. Star Trek: Star Trek: Prodigy will reportedly be revolving around a group of young aliens as they come across an abandoned Starfleet ship. These gifted kids must learn to get the U.S.S. Protostar and have to make their way towards the Alpha Quadrant.

Jason Alexander Net Worth
Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is a huge Star Trek fan. Viewers might remember the actor has appeared as the alien Kurros in the Voyager season 5 episode titled Think Tank. Alexander also played a small cameo role as Olix, the bartender on the hit Star Trek-inspired series, The Orville. Fans are yet to know more about his part as not much has been revealed as to what Jason Alexander and the other cast members will be doing on Star Trek: Prodigy. Star Trek fanatics need to wait until the show’s much-awaited premiere happens on October 28. We are excited to see yet another addition to the Star Trek family. 

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