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Jarrod’s New Girlfriend: Is The Storage Wars Star Seeing Someone New?

Jarrod- Brandi
Jarrod- Brandi

Storage Wars duo Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante took everyone by surprise as they went on to announce their split in the season 13 premiere. The pair not only parted ways, but there was enough drama during the auction. Brandi even called out her former partner and rebuked him for spending unnecessary money on a particular item. Moreover, Jarrod deliberately outbid Brandi after Brandi likes an item at the auction. Jarrod later stated that he intentionally outbid Brandi.

While the two have parted ways for good, the split was not a big shocker for fans, given the pair often used to bicker on screen as well. There were rising differences between the two, and it seems like the split was more or else expected and soon became inevitable for the pair. As Jarrod and Brandi have parted ways, we wonder what’s going on in their respective personal lives. According to Brandi, things are still a bit tense even after three whole years.

Jarrod’s New Girlfriend: Is There Someone New After His Split With Brandi?

After a rather dramatic turn of events followed by Jarrod’s split with Brandi. The two have parted ways, and media tabloids have speculated that Jarrod has a new woman in his life: Rochel Beckman. The Storage Wars star confirmed his relationship via a Facebook post. While fans tried to find out more about this mysterious woman, it seems like Rochel likes to maintain a low profile and prefers to stay away from the media limelight.

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Jarrod And Brandi: The Storage Wars Duo Had Actually Parted Ways Long Time Ago!

While the popular on-screen duo have been divorced, and Jarrod seemed to have moved on with someone else, there’s still some ongoing post-divorce drama that is going on between the ex- pair. Jarrod has been seeing Rochel Beckman, however, Brandi is enjoying her singlehood for a while and wants to maintain it like that for a while.

In an exclusive interview, Brandi confessed that for now, she is trying to be her own woman as she has struggled with her identity for a while. Now that the pair have parted ways, things will go differently on the show, and Storage Wars fans will be looking into a whole lot of drama as well! Storage Wars is immensely popular, and fans loved to see the pair together, however, things have taken an unelected turn with Jarrod and Brandi clearing the air and stating that they would go to the auctions, but separately! These auctions are going to be interesting for fans now that things have changed significantly.

Who Is Jarrod Dating: With Jarrod Moving On, What’s Next For Brandi Passante?

As fans saw enough of the pair bickering and the eye rolls and constant sighs of disappointment, it would be interesting to see the ex-couple manages to maintain a cordial relationship on set while moving forward with the auctions. Brandi has admitted that despite the long time of three years passing by, things are still not all normal and get all tense at times.


While opening up about the split that happened almost three years ago, Brandi admitted that she is still trying to heal and do things on her own. She is doing all the duties as a single mother while looking after their children, Cameron and Payton.  Brandi has not yet addressed the whole story of Jarrod moving on with Rochel. Brandi, however, has talked about getting into the dating pool but is not quite ready to do that as of yet. It seems like the young Guns have to do things on their own. The pair used to go by that nickname!

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