Jane The Virgin Season 5: Michael’s Comeback, And More Updates


We all know that Jane The Virgin is ending it’s run with Season 5. The CW and Netflix show in a significant Telenovela format shook us at the end of Season 4. The fourth Season wrapped up with a bang in April of 2018, and it left us wondering about what was going to be the fate of Jane, Xiomara, and the gang. These are legit questions. Besides all this, we saw Jane’s ex-husband Michael make a come back (yeah shocking). Now, this is what we shall discuss today and more.

Jane The Virgin Season 5: News Updates

Jane The Virgin premieres on CW and Netflix. In April itself we got Season 5 confirmation news. But it was Gina Rodriguez who hinted at last Season possibility at an event in Texas. No one initially believed Gina Rodriguez. But Brad Silberling who serves as the executive producer to the show confirmed our fears. Gina isn’t the only scaring audiences. She also will chair the director’s seat this time.

Gina is to direct a couple of episodes in Season 5 of Jane The Virgin. Earlier Rodriguez has directed the first episode of the series in season four (“Chapter Seventy-Four”). Gina in said that as a Woman as a Latina it was her prerogative to direct the show. She called Directing as the most incredible experience of her life.

Jane The Virgin Season 5

Jane The Virgin will not air Season 5 till 2019. Nothing about the air date has been made of official since the Season 5 renewal. Also, CW’s Autumn-Winter schedule doesn’t mention Jane The Virgin anywhere. Be ready for a January 2019 release.

Jane The Virgin Season 5: Michael’s Comeback And Love Triangle
Indeed what you read is what shall happen. Michael, Raf, and Gina will be tied in a love triangle in Season 5. We got that kind of confirmation from Gina’s Instagram post. Must caution you of Spoilers at this point. So at the end of Season 4 finale what we saw was Raf spoke to Rose. After their meeting, Raf appeared visibly upset. Initially, we were led to believe that it had to do with Raf’s biological father and mother. But that wasn’t the case. Raf maintained his distance from Gina. And as it turns out, Gina, when knocked on Raf’s door, saw Michael on the other end! Was it his ghost? Someone wearing his mask? I mean, didn’t Michael die at the end of Season 3 of a heart ailment? Was it Michael’s twin? Can’t really tell at this point. It has to be Michael as teased by Gina’s Instagram post. Let’s see how that turns out for Raf and Gina’s love story.

Jane The Virgin Season 5: Cast

The possible cast of Season 5 will include:
Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva
Andrea Navedo as Xiomara Villanueva
Yael Groblas as Anezka
Justin Baldoni as Rafael Solano
Ivonne Coll as Alba Villanueva
Jaime Camil as Rogelio De La Vega
Anthony Mendez as the Narrator and last but not the least
Brett Dier as Michael Cordero.