Why did James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss Split?

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James Kennedy Split
James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss

Recently, James Kennedy made headlines about his breakup of a 5-year relationship. So, many fans are wondering why they called off the relationship after five years and an engagement earlier this year. In this article, we will discuss James Kennedy and the reason for his split. But first, let’s see who James Kennedy is? Well, James Kennedy is a renowned British music producer, television personality, social media influencer, DJ, and Entrepreneur from London, England, UK. He is known in the country for his outstanding DJ skills. As a professional DJ, he has worked with many famous musicians and singers. He also hosts many pool parties and club events. James is also a renowned television personality. He has also made his appearance on various television shows. James became famous after appearing on the reality TV show called Vanderpump Rules.

Apart from that, he is more focused on his music career and has also released various songs and singles. The professional DJ and record producer James was born to his parents on Friday, January 24, 1992, in London, England. James was born into a wealthy family and adhered to the Christian religion. His real maiden name is James Georgiou. He has been interested in music since childhood. James graduated from a local private school in his hometown. After that, he focused on his career as a DJ. He is currently a famous music producer and DJ. His mother’s name is Jacqueline Georgiou. He is very close to his grandmother and also shared an old photo with his grandmother on social media. He also has two brothers in the family. The names of his brothers are Harry Georgiou and Dylan Georgiou. He enjoys spending time with his family members.

Why did James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss Split?

James Kennedy recently split with his girlfriend for five years, Raquel Leviss. The Vanderpump Rules stars Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy surprised fans by announcing their decision to split and ending their engagement online. Raquel Leviss returned the engagement ring on camera and was later seen without it while going for dinner. The breakup was confirmed via a post on Instagram on the morning of December 5, 2021.

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James Kennedy Split
James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss

The couple shared a joint statement on their Instagram account in which they set out the reasons for the breakup and confirmed that they wanted nothing but the best for each other. They also added that they love each other very much but are not in love anymore. They said that their decision to split was because they had “two different goals”.

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James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’s Relationship

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss have been together for five years and got engaged in May this year. The latter then shared the news on social media with a series of photos from the night Kennedy proposed to Raquel. James also shared the moment on Instagram, where he posted a photo of him kissing his partner. In the caption, he wrote that she was the love of his life. The proposal also went live under the Vanderpump Rules in October 2021.

The couple had specific issues in the past, including Kennedy’s addiction, which he admitted to in the Vanderpump Rules. He thanked Leviss on social media in July 2020 while celebrating a year of sobriety. However, Raquel later mentions that she felt verbally abused by James over Vanderpump Rules. Before James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss split, two other Bravo stars, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett separated in 2021.

About Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss is an American model, television celebrity, beauty pageant winner, as well as a social media influencer. Raquel is best known for winning the Miss Sonoma County beauty pageant and participating in the Miss California beauty pageant. Leviss was born and raised in California, the USA, with her parents and siblings. She attended a local high school to graduate and transferred to Sonoma State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with an emphasis on pre-occupational therapy.

James Kennedy Split
James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss

A beauty pageant winner and model, Raquel began her pageant career at the Miss Sonoma County beauty pageant. She won the beauty pageant for her amazing looks and moved on to the Miss California beauty pageant. She finished top in the competition but unfortunately couldn’t make it to win the competition.

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James Kennedy’s Net Worth

The popular reality TV star is best known for his appearance in Vanderpump Rules. Kennedy’s net worth is approximately $4 million, as per the sources. The 29-year-old made his debut in season two of Vanderpump Rules and starred as the main cast in season four. Also, it has been reported that he makes nearly $10,000 for each episode of Vanderpump’s Rules, and other sources say it’s around $15,000. As a social media influencer, he has around 499,000 followers on Instagram, 65,600 on TikTok, and 151,000 on Twitter. Therefore, he also makes a lot of money from social media because his posts feature a lot of sponsored content.

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