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James Arthur’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn Currently?

James Arthur Net Worth
The popular singer and song writer James Arthur
We all know the notable English person who is not only a popular singer but also a renowned songwriter named James Arthur. He came to the limelight after he was declared as the winner of the ninth season of the popular show named The X Factor. Following the win of the competition, he made his first single album named Syco Music. His song was basically a cover of the popular song named Impossible, which was of the renowned singer Shontelle Layne. Arthur’s song not only earned appreciation from the critics and audience but also earned the first position in the list of the popular UK Singles named UK Singles Chart. Other than that, in his first single itself, he made a sell of 1.4million copies in his own country that is in the UK alone. With the success of the song, he became the most successful winner’s single which has not happened in the history of the show. After some time that is in 2013, he was declared the winner of the Best International Awards. In that very year, he won another award that is the International Breakthrough of the year. He won both the award for his debut song.
Later he made his debut album with his own name that is James Arthur. Though the songs of the album were hit, the album received mixed reviews not only from the critics but also from the audience. Like his debut single, his first studio album also earned the second position in the list of UK albums Chart. After some time in the following year, that is in 2014, Arthur earned so much fame that he officially received the invitation from Bahrain so that he can formally open a popular drama rehearsal studio. Later, he also opened an auditorium that has the capacity to accommodate a total of 400 people. His drama school and the auditorium were named as British School of Bahrain. After a couple of years that is in 2016, in September, he was chosen as the ambassador for the company named SANE, which is the top leading charity group in the UK. The main aim of the group was to improve people’s life especially those who were suffering from mental illness.

Childhood and education

Born on the 2nd March in 1988 in the beautiful city of Middlesbrough, which is in England, was the popular singer and songwriter named James Andrew Arthur, or as we may know him, James Arthur. He was born in the family of Neil Arthur and Shirley Ashworth. Arthur’s father had his roots in Scotland. On the other hand, his mother belonged to had English ancestry. But for one reason or the other, when he was two years old, his parents got legally separated. He said that his childhood was difficult. After some time, as Arthur grew up and when he turned 3, his mother got into a relationship with a computer engineer named Ronnie Rafferty. On the other hand, his father also got married to another woman named Jackie.

Talking about his schooling years, for his primary school, he went to the popular school which is in North Yorkshire named Ings Farm Primary School. Later, when he was a nine-year-old kid, he, along with his family, which included his mother, stepdad, and his two sisters named Sian and Jasmin, moved to the city of Bahrain. Following their shift, his stepfather who is Ronnie Rafferty, was hired as the regional manager of the popular company named Rockwell Automation. Being from a family of high-end income, he stayed in a villa which was surrounded by a gated compound. After moving to Bahrain, he was enrolled in the British School of Bahrain. In the school of Bahrain, he continued to study for a span of four years before he, along with his family, came back to England. When they came back to England, he was a 13-years-old teenaged boy. For his high school, he was enrolled in the popular school named Rye Hills School, which was in the beautiful city of Redcar in North Yorkshire.
But as fate may happen, his stepfather, Ronnie Rafferty, abandoned him along with his mother and his two sisters. With this, Arthur landed in foster care, where he stayed to for four days out of seven days in a week; the other three stayed he remained with his biological father named Niel. After some time, that is when he turned 15, he grew a passion for writing and recording songs. Having such a talent at an early age, he earned positions in many popular bands, which included the popular band named Cue the Drama, Moonlight Drive, Emerald Skye. Other than that, he was a part of the popular brand named Save  Arcade. By 2009 he with the popular band  Save Arcade released an extended play or as we may call EP. The song was named Truth. Later by June of the next year is in 2010, the popular band Save Arcade released another extended play that is EP. Their second EP was titled Tonight We Dine in Hades. The EP consisted of a total of five tracks.


James Arthur Net Worth

James Arthur, in his latest song, Falling like the Stars

The popular singer and songwriter started his career of being an independent artist in 2011. He made his debut with his popular album named Sins by the Sea. The album comprised a total of 16-tracks. His album was mostly streamed on Youtube and also on SoundCloud. Though he earned a lot of popularity with his first album, he came to the limelight in 2012. He mainly earned his fame with the audition that he gave for the popular television show named The X Factor for its ninth season. Gradually with time, he improved his skills and was also mentored by the popular American singer, who was also a songwriter named Nicole Scherzinger. Being mentored by such a popular singer, his skills improved.

Later he was declared the winner of a competition which was held on the 9th of December in 2012. After his win in that competition, he released his first-ever own album, which was a cover of the popular singer Shontelle’s famous song named Impossible. The song not only earned appreciation from the audience and the critics but also earned the first rank in the popular song list of UK named UK Singles Chart. His debut single was aired via Syco Music which made the sale of increase to 1.4 million copies. With such a great review as well as having a huge amount of sales, his song became one of the most successful winner’s singles in the history of the popular reality show named The X Factor.

After some years, that is in the year 2013, on the 9th of September, he released his next single, which was named You’re Nobody ‘ Somebody Loves You. The song was officially released on the 20th of October in 2013. The song became so successful that it was ranked as number two in the UK. Later he released his first album, which was basically a studio album that made its way to the second position on the UK Albums Chart. Later it was counter under the list of best-selling albums, in which his album acquired the 30th position. After some time that in 2014 on the 11th of June, Arthur, via his Twitter handle, declared that he would not be working anymore with Syco Music. Later on the 6th of September 2015, he declared that he had signed a contract with the popular recording station named Columbia Records. With this, he also declared that he is going to release his second studio album.

After a couple of years, that is, in 2016, on the 9th of September, he released another song in which he was the lead single. The title of the song was Say You Won’t Let Go. His song was from one of his popular albums named Back from the Edge. The song in which he played the lead singer earned the first position on the UK Singles Chart. The song stayed on the top of the list for a continuous three weeks. Other than that, the album named Back from the Edge was finally and officially released by Columbia Records on the 28th of October in 2016. In the following that is in 2017,  his album Say You Won’t Let Go earned the nomination of the popular awards named BRIT awards. He won the BRIT awards under the category of British Artist Video of the Year award and British Single of the Year Award.
By the end of 2017 that on the 24th of November, he released another of his studio album, which was his third studio album. The title of the album was Naked. In this album as well, he was the lead singer. the popular album was produced by a renowned producer named Carlsson. The album earned a lot of appreciation and praise. The album also earned the 11th position on the UK Singles Chart. After the following month that is on the 1st December in 2017, another official video of his popular album was streamed on YouTube. The video was directed by Mario Clement. Some of his notable single songs include You Deserve Better, At My Weakest, and Empty Space. And how can we forget his popular third studio album? Later by the end of 2018, that is in November; he played the cover version named Rewrite the Stars of the popular movie, which we all love, The Greatest Showman. After some months or so, that is, on the 10th of May in the following 2019, he released another of his popular singles. The song was named Falling like the Stars.

Net Worth

James Arthur Net Worth

James Arthur Net Worth

With being such a great singer as well as a great songwriter, he always received praises and appreciations not only from the audience but also from the critics. So let’s be honest, being so much passionate about music that he made music his sole source of income. With that, his net worth is somewhere estimated to be $5 million.

Personal Life

James Arthur Net Worth

James Arthur with Jessica Grist

Like his ethnicity, his family also had mixed professions that is his biological father named Neil, worked as a delivery driver. On the other hand, his mother, Shirley, was by profession was a fashion model. But later, she turned into a sales and marketing executive by profession. After being legally separated, his mother and his father that is Shirley and Neil, respectively, hardly had a conversation with each other for a span of 22years. However, being such loving parents of their son, they both agreed to attend their sons’ audition in the popular show named X-Factor. He was not the only son of his parents but had a total of five siblings, namely Sian, Jasmine, Neve, Neil as well as Charlotte.

Talking about his relationship and dating life, he dated Jessica Grist. The couple met on the sets of the show named The X-Factor in 2012. She was a renowned dancer. After their relationship in 2012, he was accompanied by his girlfriend, Jessica Grist, in a lot of public shows and events. The current dwelling place of Arthur was England. And as it is said, passion never leaves you, that also happened with our favorite singer James Arthur, being in England he still creates epic kinds of music.

Awards and nominations

James Arthur Net Worth

James Arthur in BMI Pop Awards

Being such a leading as well as the prominent star of all time, he has a never-ending list of awards and nominations. For his popular song named Impossible, he earned many awards and nominations, which included his first-ever nomination in the BRIT awards under the category of British Single of the year for his work named Impossible. He earned the nomination in 2013. In that very year, that is in 2013 itself; he won two back-to-back awards. He won the Los Premios 40 Principles awards for the song Impossible. He won the awards under the category of Best International Song.

Other than that, he also won the NRJ Music awards for the same song Impossible under the category of International Breakthrough of the Year. Other than that, he also won the Radio Regenbogen Awards under the category Pop International. He won the award in 2014. After some time, that is in 2018; he was nominated as well as won the BMI Pop Awards. He won the awards under the category of Award-winning songs. He won the award for his song Say You Won’t Let Go. 

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