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Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty Ending Explained

Jake Gyllenhaal's The Guilty ending explained
Jake Gyllenhaal's The Guilty ending explained

Antoine Fuqua is one of Hollywood’s great directors. The man directed Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke in Training Day. And it teamed up with Netflix to bring us Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty ending explained. Firstly, if you are not familiar with “The Guilty,” it is a remake of a 2018 Danish film to which Gyllenhaal got the rights and teamed up with Fuqua to make this great crime thriller. And today, we are sharing with you details about it here at Otakukart.

The film, directed by Antoine Fuqua, mixes a suspenseful core crime with a larger narrative about Joe’s own dark history and quest for forgiveness. Some of you may have been left with unanswered questions about the characters’ fates as a result of the plot’s twists and turns. So let’s take a look at the conclusion of ‘The Guilty’ to make sure we’re on the same page. Now beware that in this article, we have some major spoilers.

Jake Gyllenhaal's The Guilty ending explained

Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty ending explained

Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty Ending Explained

The film concludes with Joe pleading with Rick, to tell the truth in court, essentially telling him to contradict his statement and aid in the indictment of Joe. They don’t tell us whether Rick changes his testimony, but that is irrelevant. Joe pleads guilty to manslaughter and, as shown in the last moments, becomes one of the few convicted police officers. Joe is going to jail for a few years at the very least, given the offense and the victim’s apparent low-threat status.

Attempts to locate the vehicle in which Emily is being carried are futile. To Joe’s surprise, Emily confesses in one of their chats that she was the one who stabbed Oliver. Soon later, she escapes her captor, who turns out to be her ex-husband and Oliver’s father. Emily is eventually found on the brink of an overpass and rescued by the traffic police. Relieved, Joe contacts an old associate, Rick, and instructs him to disclose the truth at the next court hearing. The film then concludes with news voiceovers reporting Joe’s guilty plea and conviction for manslaughter.


The movie begins in an LAPD communications center on a hectic night of forest fire emergency and numerous crimes taking place at the same time. Officer Joe Baylor answers the phones but is bored and dismisses most calls with verbal reassurances and light chastisement. We quickly learn that he has a court hearing the following morning. The hearing is for an unspecified misdeed committed by Joe, which has resulted in the cop being demoted to the contact center. In conversations with his colleagues, he is reassured that he will be “back on the streets” shortly.

When Joe receives a call from a distraught lady called Emily Lighton, who claims to be phoning from the car in which she is being abducted, he acts quickly. The police officer can track down the woman’s whereabouts by frantically coordinating efforts with the highway patrol and soliciting help from former colleagues. He also discovers that she has two little children. When a police squad arrives at Emily’s house, they discover that her newborn boy has been stabbed.

Is Emily Lighton Alive or Dead in The Guilty Ending?

Yes, Emily Lighton is alive in the end. Joe has a profound change of heart as a result of his encounter with Emily Lighton, who almost commits suicide after discovering she had stabbed her son Oliver. The mentally unstable mother. First thinking she was helping her kid by cutting his stomach open to let out the “snakes,” she becomes aware of what she’s done after seeing her hands and clothing soaked in blood. Emily then jumps onto the side of a highway. Which is the last thing Joe hears on his phone conversation with her. However, a little while later, he receives a call from the highway police informing him that Emily consented to step back from the cliff and is now in jail. As a result, Emily survives in the end.

Is Emily’s son Oliver still alive or has he died?

Emily and Henry’s two children, Abbie and Oliver, are discovered by the police squad that arrives at Emily’s home. They find Oliver has been stabbed, much to their dismay. Joe accuses Henry (who has a criminal past) of stabbing the kid at first. However, it is later revealed that Emily had a mental breakdown and stabbed her kid in the belief that she was assisting him.

Until almost the conclusion of the film, Oliver is assumed to be dead. However, shortly after learning of Emily’s survival. Joe is informed by a coworker that Oliver is in the intensive care unit of a hospital. The colleague also informs him that the kid is in good health. This is particularly important for Joe since he is emotionally connected to his own daughter, who lives with her mother away from him. The cop seems to have taken up Emily’s case as a kind of atonement for his wrongdoings. After learning of Oliver’s survival, he eventually gets up and goes away from his desk.

Jake Gyllenhaal's The Guilty ending explained

Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty ending explained

What Motivated Henry Fisher to Kidnap Emily Lighton?

Henry, who has a criminal record and has lost visitation rights, is initially suspected of kidnapping Emily at knifepoint. As a result, when Oliver is discovered stabbed, Joe immediately accuses Henry. However, when Emily eventually admits that she was the one who stabbed Oliver, the whole situation is turned upside down.

Joe eventually listens to what the supposed kidnapper says the next time he talks with Henry. Emily had a mental breakdown as a result of not taking her medications and stabbed their newborn boy, according to Henry. As a result, Henry is on his way to the mental institution to have Emily committed before she does damage to herself or others. When questioned why he didn’t contact the cops. Henry says that no one has ever assisted the couple in the past. So he doesn’t trust the cops and chose to take things into his own hands.

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Who did Joe murder? Is he going to prison?

Joe exposes his dark background when Emily recounts her encounter with Oliver. He fatally shot a 19-year-old called Joseph a few months earlier. Joe attempts to recall the specifics of the event, but he can’t remember whether his victim was armed or not. As a result, the cause for Joe’s court appearance becomes clear. It is also clear that his witnesses have fabricated their testimonies in order to help prove Joe’s innocence, which is why they keep mentioning getting him “back on the street.”

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