Jae Min’s Parents Are Impressed By Sharon’s Wealth In ‘The Second Husband’ Episode 75

The Second Husband Episode 75
The Second Husband Episode

Fans can’t wait to watch The Second Husband Episode 75! There has been a lot happening in the kdrama, so fans can’t stop thinking about what may happen next. Seon Hwa has been as sly as a cat while setting up everything to take her revenge. Fans have been loving how she has been playing with Sang Hyuk’s feelings just as he had done with her. He thinks that Seon Hwa is still the naive and innocent person she used to be but what he doesn’t know is that she has changed a lot. When the right time comes, she will drop the bomb on him.

On the plus side, she is making Jae Kyung unhappy about Sang Hyuk still liking her. And now Seon Hwa will start to irritate Jae Kyung both at home and at her workplace. Fans can’t hold their laughter whenever Seon Hwa makes a comeback at Jae Kyung, whenever she is disguised as Sharon. For now, Jae Kyung can’t even talk back to her because she wants Sharon’s company to invest in her project.

Basically, watching The Second Husband has been very fun. Plus, you never notice when the episode ends, that is how interesting the k-series has been. Now, don’t miss out on anything exciting going on and check out the release date and streaming details for The Second Husband Episode 75. You could also see what you can expect from the upcoming episode.

The Second Husband Episode 75 Release Date

The show seems to get better and better with each episode. So fans have been impatiently waiting for the episodes to air. The release date of The Second Husband Episode 75 is December 2.¬†Fans can’t wait for Thursday to arrive to get their daily dose of The Second Husband. Fans can’t wait for the episode where Jae Min and Seon Hwa get married, it may become one of the best episodes to come out yet. Moreover, The Second Husband has been gaining a lot of attention for its interesting storyline recently.

The Second Husband Episode 75
The Shareholder’s Party cr: MBC

Looking at the nationwide viewership ratings right now, we feel like Koreans have been taking a particular interest in this kdrama. The k-series had seen a rise in its nationwide viewership ratings in its 71st episode. The episode had gotten a 9.5% average nationwide viewership ratings. Honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised that this kdrama has been getting popular.

Where To Watch The Second Husband Ep 75?

Hundred of Koreans have been tuning in on JTBS to watch The Second husband daily. In Korea, The Second Husband releases new episodes Mon-Fri at 7:15 PM only on JTBC. Furthermore, The Second Husband Episode 75 will release at these timings in different countries- 5:15 AM in the USA, 10:15 AM in the UK, 3:45 PM in India, and 8:45 PM in Australia. Moreover, International fans can stream the episodes of The Second Husband on streaming websites like Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. Know that you know everything related to the release of the episode, don’t forget to make up some time to watch the kdrama.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

No one can lie that they got butterflies when Jae Min proposed Seon Hwa. Before saying yes, Sen Hwa said it clearly that for now, it’s just a political marriage, but later on, when she is done with her revenge, she wouldn’t mind staying as his wife. And behold, this is how they planned to defeat Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk. By living at their house, Seo Hwa will start collecting evidence for all the bad deeds Jae Kyung has ever done.

The Second Husband Episode 75
Hae Ran cr: MBC

Some fans think that she will also find out about being Hae Ran’s child in the process of finding evidence against Jae Kyung. Of course, she’ll thoroughly look around the whole house to find anything. Maybe then she may end up in the room Hae Ran frequents and may find out that she is actually Bit Na. And when that happens, the audience will finally get to know about Jae Min’s backstory. The episodes have been giving hints that Jae Min was adopted. Is this really true? You may never know unless you watch THe Second Husband Episode.

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