Jaden Hossler’s Cheating Stories: A Deep Dive Through All The Controversies!

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Jaden Hossler's cheating
Jaden Hossler

This article is for all those who are interested to know about Jaden Hossler cheating stories! Nowadays, it has become very common for a person to engage in a relationship in which he is not interested. And as a result of which, we hear all the break-up stories oozing from the back of the internet! Whether it is personal life or professional, on daily basis, we encounter a number of individuals, and many a time, just a random meeting with someone may pave the way for a lifetime relationship. But it is not always the same. And it is because the circumstances might tie you with a playboy/ girl as well! So, next time before opening your heart, check the other significant all throughout.

When it comes to the relationships that Jaden Hossler had handled, the path does not always look straight! Nobody knows that what was the exact matter inside, but in this article, we would try to discuss everything whose evidences are present on the web. Like, all about those relationships in which Jaden Hossler is accused of cheating the other significant! And how did the exact thing come in front of the public’s eye! And what is the aftermath of all those circumstances? Moreover, we would also discuss the whole thing step by step! So, let us begin our hunt to know more about Jaden Hossler cheating stories!

Jaden Hossler cheating
Is Jaden Hossler cheating on Mads?

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All the crispy and spicy Jaden Hossler cheating stories

So, the cheating stories of Jaden Hossler revolve around his ex-girlfriend Mads Lewis. On various public shows, Mads Lewis had openly discussed the overall issue. Where she claimed Jaden Hossler of cheating on her. She accepted that he had never said this thing directly to her, but her intuitions were strong enough to provide the witness of the overall drama. And so, Mads is 100% sure that now she knows the story behind it and is clear enough that Jaden had cheated on her. She had also claimed that he was self-obsessed. And these kinds of people are intolerable to Mads. According to her, they have no sympathy, and they try to keep their overall focus on just themselves. They really don’t know what love is! Moreover, she also said that whenever he had told her ‘I Love You,’ it was depthless!

According to the available information on the web, it is believed that to the time he was with Mads, he was cheating on her from the very start. He was handling two relationships at a time until the overall thing came in limelight. However, Jaden Hossler never believes in all these allegations. He even had posted a tweet that stated that he had never cheated on Mads. Moreover, he also asked people to stop hating him!

Jaden Hossler's cheating
Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett

What was the exact issue?

Well, some people are calling it a love triangle! Involving two of the famous couples. Mads-Jaden and Nessa-Josh! The controversy paved the way when Jaden Hossler and Nessa had set the arrangements for performing a song together. Which was “La Di Die.” Following this, they had started spending a lot of time together. And within no time, fans found that Mads Lewis had unfollowed Jaden Hossler. Well, when it comes to Nessa, she was engaged in an on-and-off relationship with Josh Richards. But following all the controversies, now it seems that the path is now installed with a lot of speed breakers.

Now Mads Lewis had also deleted all of her photos which were with Jaden. And to everyone’s interest, she had also posted a video describing her situation and how she felt after becoming prey to his cheating attitude. She had used some of Jaden’s photos with him, and in the latter part of the video, Jaden was found with Nessa Barrett. But soon, she had also deleted this video.

And now, when Mads is trying to move on with a guy named Christian Plourde, it seems that Jaden is not okay with it. After some of the Tik Tok videos of this couple surfed on the internet, Jaden reached out to Christian. And told him that following the “bro code,” Christian should have asked for permission before hanging out with Mads!

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