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Jada Smith Finally Reacted On The Will Smith Controversy!

Jada and her reaction to the Will Smith controversy

The Oscars 2022 came with a huge bang! The Academy Award Winner Will Smith was called out for creating a huge scene on the stage. Comedian Chris Rock passed a joke on Will Smith’s wife Jada, and this did not sit well with the Hancock actor. Moreover, every year, The Oscars would always leave a different blueprint. But this time, Will Smith’s slap overshadowed the whole show. Apart from this, fans are desperately waiting to know more about the way Jada Smith reacted to this controversy! And since then, the American actress has been in the limelight. As Will supposedly defended his wife at the show.

At this point, fans know that Jada Smith has reacted to the Will and Chris controversy. Since the whole mess was based on the things related to her appearance. Moreover, viewers had to experience such an unexpected moment. Apart from this, Will apologized for his behavior. He knew that his agitation was unacceptable. However, when it comes to the slapping moment, Will lost his cool when Chris compared his wife to a character from G.I Jane, and it signified her hair. Will did not accept this and asked him to stop commenting on his wife. Through his official social media handles, Will cleared his side of the story. And since Chris’s comment disappointed him because it was about Jada’s medical condition.

Jada Smith Finally Reacted To The Will And Chris Controversy!

Well, one thing is pretty clear, Jada Smith has been suffering from Alopecia since 2018. And this joke might’ve been too tough for her and Will to shrug off. But still, the family decided to step forward and understand their mistakes. Moreover, Will was very emotional about this situation. While he was apologizing, he even asked Chris about their current relationship. And Will desperately wanted to know about the current position that they are in.

Jada Smith chose healing as an answer

Oscars 2022: Will Smith’s encounter with Chris Rock on the stage

Apart from this, Will also cleared that he’s not the man who inflicts violence on others. Moreover, he doesn’t want to reflect any violence as well. On the other hand, Jada’s reaction is quite simple and intricate. She posted a strong message on her social media account, and it clearly stated the strength of healing! Everyone is pretty sure that the couple is up for becoming a part of the healing season! Well, there isn’t a day when actors are not caught up in the wildfire of gossip, and Jada is well aware of that!

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