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IU’s Boyfriend: Who Is The KPop Star Songstress Dating?

What do we know about IU’s Boyfriend in 2021? South Korean Songstress IU is one of the most popular celebs, and fans cannot get enough of her songs! Her lead single, Good Day, went on to rule five consecutive weeks at the top position of South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. The young star has achieved great fame and recognition after her songs have been a huge hit amongst KPop fans! Not to forget how she garnered attention in the small screen industry as well. With her name being so popular, fans have taken a special interest in her personal life as well. IU has seven discreet and kept her whereabouts away from the media limelight.

Her album was ranked number two on Billboard’s 25 Greatest K-Pop Albums of the 2010s list. The singer was later identified as one of the most influential people in South Korea by the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity. The popular singing sensation has since been mentioned five times. IU was honored at the 2015 Pop Culture & Arts Awards for her influence on the field. The singing sensation has also starred in teen drama and shows apart from her musical career. Let us take a look at all the details regarding IU’s Boyfriend.

Who is IU’s Boyfriend?

IU is currently single and does not have a boyfriend. IU earlier opened up about her rumored relationship with Wooyoung. The two worked together in the hit teen drama Dream High. Fans soon speculated that the co-stars were seeing each other, but the singers did set the record straight. IU even admitted that she had an awkward relationship. The star also revealed that she and Wooyoung went out for a meal together.

IU Boyfriend 2021

The KPop star was also linked with Lee Hyunwoo. These romantic rumors went on over the years. There has been some speculation over the nature of the relationship of this alleged couple. Media tabloids stated that they are a couple in real life after a photo of Lee Hyunwoo and IU at a movie theater together resurfaced in the public eye. For now, the singing sensation is single and is solely focused on her career that is achieving great heights over time.

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Is IU Dating Her Rumoured Beau Jang-Ki-Ha?

Former flame IU and Jang Ki-ha met each other during a radio exhibit that Jang Ki-ha was anchoring. Sparks flew soon, and the two started a relationship just quickly after. Take a look at the music video as the star celebrates a milestone with 100 views on the video. IU recently took to social media to celebrate this big achievement.

The relationship soon caught media attention and soon went social in no time! Paparazzi even snapped several pictures of the two whilst on a romantic moment. The star later revealed she had dated Jang Kiha for almost two years already at the time back in 2015. The Celebrity hitmaker further admitted that she soon developed feelings for Jang Kiha the first time they met on a radio show. However, the two parted ways after a while.

Which BTS Star Has A Crush On IU? Find Out Here!

Believe it or not, but iconic Korean pop band BTS’ Jungkook confessed in several interviews has confessed that he has a major crush on K-pop sensation IU! It was quite evident during the Melon Music Awards 2017, where IU was nominated for a major category. The young songstress even ended up winning the award, and the media camera could not help but notice that BTS’ Jungkook could not help but admire IU. We wonder if the two will ever date or not? That won’t be a bad idea after all! What’s better? A duet song starring the two!


IU was also romantically linked with BTS member Suga! Even fans suggested that the two K-pop stars would have made such a good pair together when they are together. Many KPop fanatics even hoped that the two might develop romantic feelings for each other while working together! That is something that did not happen, and it seems like it remained mere speculation!

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