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ITZY Ryujin and Lia Appear on Amazing Saturday

Update on ITZY members Ryijun and Lia
ITZY members Ryujin and Lia

ITZY Ryujin and Lia appear on ”Amazing Saturday” is an ongoing topic that is grabbing the viewer’s attention. The news overall created quite a buzz in the media and the social media, and the internet overall. The fact being that Amazing Saturday is quite a popular show in South Korea and enjoys huge popularity. Moreover, the k-pop stars Ryujin and Lia are also equally famous. What happened in the show overall, and why is the news, so trending lets have a look at it. Before proceeding further, let’s first understand what is amazing Saturday show all about. And we will also deal with who are Ryujin and Lia for the ones who don’t know them yet.

K-pop idols enjoy huge popularity in not only South Korea but in the entire world. After BTS almost globalized the entire p-pop, many other k-pop groups came forward as a result, and a maximum of them became successful. Each k-pop group has their own fan base plus the members in their also enjoys their individual fan base as well. So, naturally, Ryujin and Lia being a part of k-pop, are immensely famous as well. They gave their fans a treat and surprise by appearing on the South Korean television show, Amazing Saturday. So, the cast members of the show were gradually excited and happy to met the ITZY members.

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ITZY Ryujin and Lia appear on ”Amazing Saturday

Ryujin and Lia appers on Amazing saturday

A Still from Ryujin and Lia appearing on Amazing Saturday

All girl k-pop group ITZY members, Ryujin and Lia, appeared on the South Korean television series ”Amazing Saturday”. The promo for the next episode of the show revealed that the two will be participating in the games and the fun banters of the show. They will be seen throwing difficult games. And challenges to the two while both the participant are seen acing all they are given. It shocks the cast and the members that actually Ryujin is a surprise pack in herself and performs well on the targets given. Few new games and challenges will be seen performed by the members, and snacks-related games are also introduced.

The episode of the two ITZY members acing the gams overall will be aired next week. The episode will air on 8th May 2021, Saturday at the 7:40 time slot. The cast, along with will the fans of the show and ITZY overall, are all excited for the next episode to air. The preview of the television show made us all excited. And we cannot wait to see the two having fun and entertaining us overall. Amazing Saturday also released a preview of the next episode to give a sneak peek at what to expect from the next episode overall. So, the two ITZY members finally made a surprise entry on the Saturday special show, Amazing Saturday. Till then, stay tuned and keep watching.

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More about ITZY members Ryujin and Lia

Updates on ITZY-k-pop gril group

K-pop girl group ITZY

Ryujin and Lia are the members of the girl group TZY. ITZY was formed in 2019 and consists of 5 members in total. After training for a while, the group debuted official under the JYP entertainment on 12th February 2019. The group easily acquired huge recognition and even surpassed many records. They even gained commercial success leading them to win many artists of the year awards. The 20-year-old Lia also enjoys quite a lot of success, and She is the main vocalist and sub-rapper of the South Korean girl group. Lia was also chosen to be the MC for the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Ryujin is also a fellow member of the group. She is 20 years old and is the main rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist of the South Korean girl group. Before being the official member of the group ITZY, she also participated in a  survival reality show MIXNINE. She also did a cameo in the reality show STRAY KIDS. So far, her journey has been great and both the members are doing great in their careers.

Both Ryujin and Lia recently participated in the reality show Amazing Saturday that is also popularly known as DoReMi market. Amazing Saturday is also a huge television program of South Korea that has been airing since 2018 every Saturday on the tvN network. How will the episode be and what fun did all they do in the show will all be revealed with the airing of the episode. So, stay tuned, and any new update will be shared here as a priority. 

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