It’s Chicotle! Food Chain, Chipotle Changes Twitter Handle After A Recent BTS Video

BTS Jungkook chipotle chicotle
cr: BangtanTV/Youtube

When we say BTS is the most influential musical act on the planet right now, we aren’t kidding. In a recent BTS video, the members were seen enjoying meals from Chipotle. While devouring their delicious Chipotle dishes, BTS’s Jungkook accidentally called it ‘Chicotle’ due to a slip of the tongue. This caused the American fast-food chain to change its Twitter name from Chipotle to Chicotle.

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan were in the United States for their special sidewalk concert on The Late Late Show With James Corden. While taking a break from the performances, BTS had their lunch. And, Jungkook seemed to love the meal, which caused him to mispronounce it as ‘Chicotle.’ it looks like Chipotle got a new name for their Twitter account.

Chipotle Becomes Chicotle After BTS Jungkook Mispronounces It

Anything that BTS does or says is inevitable to become a trend. Chipotle couldn’t agree more. After delivering the tasty meals to the septet, they have adopted a new name for their Twitter account.

“How do you eat this? What is this, Chicotle? Chipotle?” Jungkook says in Korean while eating his food. On the other hand, J-Hope says how he thought it was chocolate at first.

According to Jungkook, his Chipotle bowl was so delicious that he could eat it every day. Like Jungkook’s love for Chipotle, the company decided to reciprocate the love and elevate the fun. Shortly after the video was released on BTS’s official Youtube account, Chipotle changed its Twitter account handle to Chicotle.

They wrote,” it’s chicotle from now on.” The food chain went ahead and interacted with tannies (BTS Army nickname), simultaneously changing their header image on Twitter. Hilariously, an Army asked if there would be a unique discount code for the fans, and Chipotle replied with “tomorrow?” However, The code is not revealed yet.

BTS has previously made an impact on several global brands. Moreover, the boys frequently help small businesses to grow. Their latest unplanned interaction with Chipotle is indeed a classic one. After the special Army discount codes launch, you can get the famous ‘BTS’ bowls from Chipotle.

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