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Itachi Uchiha’s Tragic Untold Love Story

About 2 years ago, Kishimoto worked together with Takashi Yano and they finally published a light novel series called “Naruto Shinden”, which literally means “Naruto’s True Stories”; this series is divided into 3 chapters: the first and the second talk about Itachi’s past, and for this reason they’re titled “Itachi Shinden”, while the 3rd one talks about Sasuke, and, in fact, it is called “Sasuke Shinden”.

Although we already used to have a lot of information about Itachi’s past and his true purposes, in this light novel Kishimoto and Yano explained us the whole story about Itachi’s past and, in particular, about his childhood and his first and only love story.

You didn’t read it or you just don’t want to? Don’t worry, today I’m here expressly to let you know about this incredible story.

In the Uchiha Clan there was a very strong girl and her name was Izumi; she had long brown hair and she was very kind to everyone. Unfortunately, her father died during Kurama’s attack on Konoha and, for some reason, she started to blame herself for what happened; anyway, that fact gave her the force and the determination to become a strong kunoichi. In addition, the loss of her father led to the awakening of her Sharingan, which occurred even before Itachi’s one.

As a chunin, she was very skilled in taijutsu, so much that once she arrived even to defend Itachi from some other children who were jealous of his talent; moreover, she used to show an attitude similar to Itachi’s and Shisui’s ones, in the sense that she appeared to distrust the rest of her clan.

At a certain point of their lives, during the years in the Academy, Itachi and Izumi started to know each other and they became good friends; they were used to pass a lot of time together and, for this reason, people started to think that in reality they were a proper couple and not just friends.

In a way, as the time passed, Izumi started to feel some stronger emotion towards Itachi, but, as we know, on the other hand Itachi began to work alongside the Anbu and Danzo, so that every fact which was occurring in his life in the end didn’t let him enough time to start a relationship, although he perfectly knew about Izumi’s feelings; in addiction, we can assume that Itachi too used to feel the same emotions as Izumi, but he didn’t give them relevance in order not to be influenced by them during his missions.

Finally came the fateful moment: Danzo ordered Itachi to kill everyone in his clan, apart from his elder brother Sasuke. Without hesitating, Itachi decided to accomplish also that assignment and, in particular, he chose to start the Uchiha Clan massacre right from Izumi. He went to her house and he used on her an incredibly powerful Tsukuyomi: it put Izumi under the effect of a genjutsu which, every second of the real life, made her living 13 years in a fictitious world created by Itachi; during this illusion, Izumi lived as Itachi’s wife, they had a happy life as a family and both Konoha and the Uchiha Clan were in a peaceful era.

Itachi stopped the Tsukuyomi by time in which they were about to die because of the high age and, also in that moment, they were still together; Izumi fell into Itachi’s arms and smiled. Then she thanked Itachi for having made her living the life she always dreamt of; in the end, she passed away peacefully.

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

Hi, my name is Jaskaran Oberoi, and I'm From Punjab, India. I have been an anime for almost 18 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about a creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at

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