Is Zendaya Dating The Actor Andrew Garfield? A New Couple Rumored

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Zendaya And Andrew
Zendaya And Andrew

Zendaya is someone who is a talented singer as well as an actress. Zendaya received many accolades for her absolutely stunning performances. Her name has been associated with another famous personality that is Andrew Garfield. Andrew Garfield is another American actor who stole the hearts of many female fans. His female fans were almost heartbroken when his name got linked with Zendaya. Is it really true that they are dating each other? Fans are awaiting if the news is confirmed or not. 

Celebrities that are from similar backgrounds are often linked to each other. They often remain in the headlines because of their relationship status. Sometimes the link-up is real whereas sometimes it’s a rumor created by their fans. This is mainly because they like the pair together, their on-screen as well as off-screen chemistry, and most importantly it builds a connection among their fans too. So here we shall look at if Zendaya and Andrew Garfield are actually dating or if it’s another rumor hitting the headlines. Let’s dive in. 

Who Is Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield is an American actor who has been part of the entertainment industry since 2004. His initial projects were small, but he delivered an exceptional performance in all his initial roles too. He has been part of various feature films, television series, and many other films. Andrew won many awards in different categories which shows how much he has been loved by everyone. Andrew is from Los Angeles and he, along with his family moved to the UK in the latter years of his life. 

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield

He received worldwide recognition for his role played in Spiderman. 2017 was Andrew’s year and his solo film was released that year. The name of the biopic was Breathe. He played a very sensitive role of a paralyzed man and his acting skills in the film got him accolades from all around. 

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Who Is Zendaya?

Since 2010, Zendaya has been captivating everyone’s heart as an actor and singer. Zendaya was loved as a child actor too and she was adored by the public. On the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, she got her breakout role as Rocky Blue. She competed in the 16th season of the dancing competition show Dancing with the Stars in 2013.

Along with her acting, Zendaya has a natural love for music. Her solo albums were launched in 2011 and received a lot of positive feedback from music fans. Her debut song was released in 2012 after she signed with Hollywood Records. Replay was one of the top 40 songs on the US chart.

Andrew And Zendaya: Are They Dating Each Other?

Andrew Garfield and Zenndaya became one of the most talked-about couples in the celeb industry after the Oscars. As if the couple was the main highlight of the night. They both even matched their clothes. Zendaya became the lady luck for Andrew as he received the best actor award that night. Both of them were shining on the red carpet. They even shared a few giggles on the red carpet. The couple was looking exceptionally grateful that night. This entire speculation came up after both of them were seen sharing laughter together on the Oscars night.


Zendaya has been dating Tom Holland. The couple has been dating since 2016. There is no news about their breakup. So it’s still not confirmed if Andrew and Zendaya are dating each other. It’s all assumptions based on what the audience saw during the Oscars. Andre Garfield was seen with other beautiful ladies too. He was seen laughing with many others too. Hence we can’t say if they are actually dating each other. Tom even surprised Zendaya last month. So we assume everything is alright among the love birds. Both of them went on a holiday to Rome.

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Even the relationship between Tom and Zendaya is not official. It’s simply on the basis of the fact that both of them are seen together most often. Hence the fans consider them the best couple. Her meeting Andrew on the Oscars night and talking to each other is sheer luck. 

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