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Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life? Who was the Star’s Love?

Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life
Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life

Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life? This was a question always put in front of Willie Garson, who is now no more. The star face of Sex and the City passed away on 21st September 2021. The reason was not confirmed when the news rolled out. But after a few hours, the cause of death was clear. He lost the battle against cancer. Sex and the City sensation Willie Garson’s age was 57 when he left his family, friends, and fans forever.

Many questions regarding his life are still put in front of his acquaintances, and when he was alive then also many questions were pending for him to answer. Also, the most asked question among all the other questions was that Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life? The Star was a bit conservative about his life, or you can say that he was an expert when it comes to hiding his personal life. Therefore, many unanswered and the question on his sexuality were raised from his viewers a lot of times. However, this article knows what the truth is, so read on to know more about the Star.

Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life?

Sex and the City star Willie Garson was not gay. He was heterosexual, and he even dated a girl for 20 long years. Now, a question arises here that if he was in a long-term relationship with the opposite sex, then why were his fans in confusion about his sexuality? Well, the answer is hidden in his career.

Willie Garson was the star face of Sex and the City, and he was playing a gay character. With this role in the show, he developed a strong fanbase. Among which many of them were gay and loved Willie’s character a lot. Now, for this fanbase, Willie hid his sexuality as he did not want his fans to feel bad. In an interview, Willie said that his fans who were gay would feel bad if their favorite gay character would jump and clarify that he isn’t gay. Therefore, the man hid his sexuality but people had a doubt as Willie was spotted with a female many a times.

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How was the Star’s love life?

As mentioned earlier, Willie Garson was not gay. He had a long-term relationship with a female who was Sarah Jessica Parker. They were together for 20 long years, but they didn’t end up together. This had a reason that they were in a flirtatious relationship and ended up being just best friends. Also, Sarah didn’t want a child, but Willie was desperately waiting to be a Dad. So, he adopted a 7-year-old child in 2009.

Is Willie Garson Gay in Real Life

Willie Garson

The son’s name is Nathan and currently, he is 20 years old. As willie’s wish of becoming a Dad was fulfilled because of Nathan, he showered all the love to the little boy. So, on the dismissal of Willie, Nathan was one who was heartbroken. Still, he managed to give tribute to his Dad on his Instagram ID and posted a few photos of his dad.

Nathan gave a Heart Touching Tribute to his Beloved Dad

It is always heart-wrenching for any son to lose his father. Willie Garson was such a dad who always wanted to be one, and he did his part well enough. And because of which Nathan loves his Dad more than anyone. He was the one who first announced his father’s dismissal. Also, the 20-year-old proud son of Willie Garson gave a tribute to his dad on his Instagram handle. The words which he wrote can easily describe the pain and loneliness the boy is feeling without his hero.

Willie Garson

Willie Garson

Twenty years old Nathan wrote that he loves his papa very much. The boy describes that his father was a great man. He was a smart, funny, and tough man who accomplished a lot of milestones in his entire life. Nathan says that he and his had a great time together, and he recalls the time when they used to spend time together. Further, he says his dad to rest in peace, and he says that he will never forget any moment that they spent together.

Fans and people who visited Nathan’s profile blessed the boy and wrote their hearts out in the comment box. Also, people expressed their sadness for the loss.

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