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Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus? Updates on the OTT Release

Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus

One of the most prominent questions among Marvel fans at the moment is that “Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus?” The latest release of the sequel to the original movie this month has sparked the topic way more on the internet. Everyone is out there searching for answers to this question and decide whether they will be able to watch the movie on Disney Plus or not. It is not a surprise that this question has popped up everywhere. There have been lots of talks about the Disney and Sony deal of bringing the Sony-owned movie to the popular streaming platform.

However, there is still a lot to look for than meets the eye. According to the talks between Disney and Sony, the movies slated for release in the year 2022 might be coming to Disney Plus as well. Although, they will obviously be first released in theatres exclusively and then arrive at the streaming service either forty-five days or sixty days post the theatrical release. But we are here to talk about whether Venom will come to Disney Plus or not. The movie was first released in the year 2018 on 5th October 2021.

Although, Venom did not impress the critics at all and received mostly negative reviews. But that is the thing with movies and television shows. Even though the critics do make or break a movie often with their reviews, but there are some rare cases like the case of Venom. The movie was a huge hit at the box office and managed to impress the fans a lot. It made a whopping $856.1 million on a production budget of around $116 million. Now, with the release of Venom 2, fans all around the world have raised the question, Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus?

Venom release on Disney Plus

Cast Members

The fascinating comic book movie from Sony and Marvel made quite a buzz in the year 2018 when it first hit the theatres. There were a lot of fans and viewers who were crazy about seeing the famous villain from the comics of Spiderman. Furthermore, the craze was more about seeing Venom in the anti-hero image. However, there was the star cast as well who contributed to getting the movie all of the popularity it needed. Beginning with the lead character of the film Eddie Brock and Venom, both were played by the famous star actor Tom Hardy.

Then we had Michelle Williams, who played the character of Anne Weying. Anne is the love interest and ex-fiance of Eddie Brock in the film. Furthermore, she also goes on to become She-Venom in the comics, and we see that look for a slight moment in the movie as well. Finally, we saw Riz Ahmed portray the character of Carlton Drake, who was an inventor and the owner of a powerful enterprise that experiments on alien lifeforms. Carlton went on to become Riot in the movie, who was also the main villain.

Tom Hardy in Venom (2018)

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The Plot of The Movie

The movie gave the fans a really good time at the theatres, and according to them, it was worth their money. Venom opens with a scene in space featuring a spaceship of Life Foundation that crash lands on Earth in East Malaysia. Carlton Drake, who is the owner of Life Foundation, learns that the alien organisms that were in shape have been recovered safely. However, one of the organisms has escaped. Then we see that particular symbiote who escaped switching bodies and traveling to reach Life Foundation.

On the other hand, we see Eddie Brock living the time of his life. He is successful as a very famous reporter and is engaged to the love of his life Anne. However, things turn upside down for him when he uses confidential information without Anne’s permission, and Anne loses her job. She breaks the engagement and leaves him, and Eddie loses his job as well. After some time, one of the scientists at Life Foundation meets Eddie secretly. She asks him to expose Drake as he is using humans like guinea pigs to experiment with the symbiotes.

Venom Disney Plus

He first rejects her, but later on, he eventually goes along with her to take some photos. However, things turn ugly when he finds her friend there and tries to get her out. But the Venom symbiote gets into his body. The alarm goes off in the building, and Eddie barely escapes the security, which is after him to kill him. He cannot get over the fact about what is happening to him. That is why he even asks for Annie’s help although nothing makes him better.

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Venom vs Riot

Drake sends his men after Eddie to get back the symbiote after the scientist who helped Eddie is caught. However, the Venom symbiote bonds with Eddie and helps him kill Drake’s men. Later on, the police go after Eddie to arrest him at his old office. However, Venom fights them off as well. Meanwhile, Anne sees Venom in his form and gets even more scared watching him turn back to Eddie. But Eddie calms her down and tries to get help from her boyfriend, and gets Venom out of his system.

Although, Drake’s men capture Eddie and get him to Drake, who has now bonded with the Riot symbiote. Whereas, Venom symbiote bonds with Anne, and they become She-Venom and rescue Eddie from Drake. Soon Venom and Eddie bond again and go to fight Riot, who is trying to escape in a rocket and bring back millions of symbiote and invade Earth. The biggest fight breaks out between the two, and Riot dominates Venom.

Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus

Venom vs Riot

It even seems like Riot had won as he eventually gets in the rocket to leave. However, Venom destroys the rocket that also kills Riot with it. Meanwhile, Eddie survives with the help of Venom. In the end, after the credits, we saw the tease for the sequel. It featured Woody Harrelson, who would play Cletus Kasady, who is Carnage. Carnage is one of the most vicious symbiotes out there in the comics. This brought us the sequel named Venom: Let There Be Carnage that has now been released around the world and is yet to release in a lot of regions.

Is Venom Coming To Disney Plus?

Venom is one of the most loved films made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in recent years. Moreover, it has been a major shareholder in bringing laurels to the superhero genre, revolving alongside the Spiderman Universe. No wonder people have been waiting desperately for the first and the second installments. Unfortunately, Venom is not coming to Disney Plus in the near future. It has been almost three years since the film rolled out. However, there is no sign of the film releasing on Disney Plus. However, it is available on Amazon Prime Video in some regions. One can still expect Venom to release on Disney Plus in early 2022.

Also, there have been talks between Sony Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment about the latest releases. There are assumptions made that the upcoming films will be released after 45-60 days of the theatrical release. Hence, this has given the fans a clear chance of watching their favorite Marvel heroes again and again. It will be an amazing opportunity for the OTT platforms as well to excel and attract more audiences.

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