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Is Tokyo Revengers Anime Finished, What’s Next?

Tokyo Revengers

The manga of Tokyo Revenger by Ken Wakui sold like hotcakes, and at the same time, the anime exploded in terms of popularity as well. At the moment, there is barely anyone who hasn’t heard the name of the Tokyo Revengers anime. It is violent and at the same time, hits its viewers emotionally. Most people who kicked off with the anime on a whim have turned into hardcore fans. Well, given its juicy plot and heart-throbbing action, this was a given. Tokyo Revengers makes sure to involve every sort of bond that can enhance the flow of the story. It has a well-rooted friendship between its characters and also a very cute romance plot as well. The end of episode 12 has fans wondering if the Tokyo Revengers anime is finished. After everything that Takemichi has been through, it is obvious to keep wanting to know more.

The Tokyo Revengers anime aired in the spring of 2021, on 11 April. The anime had a good start and has shown a good pace. It continues to plant a build-up without a stop but at the same does not feel like it’s rushing. In action anime series, it sometimes gets tough to interact with many characters. However, Ken Wakui makes sure that we know enough about the characters to like or hate them. Mixing mystery, suspense, and the sprinkle of the supernatural were done brilliantly in Tokyo Revengers. The last few episodes were a big shock and felt like being stuck on a cliffhanger. Is it true that the Tokyo Revengers anime is finished? Well, here are all the answers that you are looking for!

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Previously on Tokyo Revengers

Ever since the beginning of the series, Tokyo Revengers has been a race against fate. The very object of Takemichi is to change Hina’s future and keep her alive by leaping through time. Teaming up with Naoto, he makes sure to eradicate every obstacle that has the probability to lead to the ominous future where Hina dies. For this, he alters oast, disturbing the flow of time. He has entered the Tokyo Manji gang, learned more and more about the leaders, and even formed a deep friendship with them. One by one, he has even succeeded to change a lot of things.

In episode 12, we finally see Hina in the future alive. The very objective that they were striving for is complete. Not just Hina, Takemichi has also successfully saved Akkun, who has now fulfilled his dream of becoming a hairstylist. But things were going too good to be true. Towards the end, Akkun runs over Hina’s car, leaving her injured. Clearly, even if Hina is alive nothing had been solved. We come back to the same name: Kisaki Tetta, who seems to be the root of all the problems. Akkun was forced by Kisaki to kill Hina, and he also confesses that everyone in Toman is under Kisaki’s control.

Akkun death scene

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12.

Towards the end, Hina’s car blasts into flames, bringing everything back to square 1.

Tokyo Revengers anime is finished?

It is a truly frustrating cliffhanger. Nothing looks sorted, and it would be a big pain to wait for months or forever if this is really the end. Luckily, Tokyo Revengers anime is not finished. As a matter of fact, there is a lot to look forward to now. However, this is the end of the first cour of the anime but the wait for the next cour is not too long. The next cour, starting from episode 13, will air from 3 July 2021. In fact, a promo released on 19 June further promotes the next cour that is going to feature the most hyped arc of the series.

Fans can look forward to the next cour with anticipation without worries. In fact, it is even okay to be super excited about it because the anime will be featuring one of the most fierce and brutal arcs of the series. Be prepared to wet your pillows with tears and to feel your heart beating fast with the adrenaline rush. We will be meeting new characters and finding more about the backstories of our previously introduced favorite characters.

Kisaki Tetta’s name continues to surface every time. What are his motives? Why does he keep killing Hina every time? What does Takemichi plan on doing next? Is Toman going to lose? These are some of the questions that shape the upcoming arc of the anime: The Bloody Haloween Arc. If you are too curious, you can find reading links on Kodansha’s official site.

tokyo revengers anime is finished

Tokyo Revengers New Visual.

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