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Is Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Coming Or Did The Anime End?

Talking about anime, the first show suggestion you get is most probably Tokyo Ghoul. Fans call it GOAT and a classic in the dark fantasy anime history too. The anime is based on manga of the same name. It is illustrated by Sui Ishida. It is animated by Funimation. The last time fans got to see the anime was back in 2018 when season 4 came out. The four seasons are Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul A, Tokyo Ghoul Re, and Tokyo Ghoul Re part 2.

Tokyo Ghoul is like twilight with ghouls instead of vampires and gore action instead of the love story. Ghouls live in secrecy among humans and attack them at the night. Originally the story revolved around Ken, who became a ghoul by the end of his first date. The show has two OVA episodes. One revolves around the youths of Kishō Arima and Taishi Fura, members of CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), the federal agency given the task of dealing with crimes related to ghouls. And other one focusing on Ken suffering from amnesia and having a completely new identity as a mentor in CCG.

Ken: The One-Eyed Ghoul

Ken Kankeki hated ghouls for what they do but he ended up becoming one. He met Rize Kamishiro in cafe Anteiku and aksed her out. They bonded over similar interests and felt a connection. Walking back home together at night, Rize took the chance and bit Ken and soon attacked him with her Kagune. She was ready to eat him when beams fell down from the construction site nearby and killed her. Ken woke up in Dr. Akihiro Kano’s lab as a ‘test subject’. He was now ‘half-ghoul and half human’. Now he had Rize’s organs into him that transformed him into an artificial one-eyed ghoul. Dr. Kanu wanted to break the boundaries and explore freedom through Ken and the sisters Kurona and Nashiro.

How the last season ended?

In Tokyo Ghoul Re Part 2, Kaneki continues to live as Haise Sasaki even after getting his memories back. Haise captures Takatuski after a raid on the Tsukiyama family. Eto does a press conference and comes out clean. She reveals her identity as a one-eyed ghoul and is the owl. She also tells Haise about the heads of the CCG who are actually ghouls and are working for a secret organization called “V”. Kaneki frees the ghouls from the prison as his only wish is that humans and ghouls can co-exist.

After a six-year time skip,  a cure for the toxin aka rebirth operation has been found. CCG has broken up. The ghouls and some of the former CCG members founded the TSC. Through the rebirth operation, Shinohara finally woke up. Kaneki and Touka lived happily ever after and had a daughter together. Kaneki was happy with who he is and has an even bigger reason to live.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 ended on the finishing note. It got a mixed reaction from fans. Some loved it, and some didn’t like it and demanded another season. But season 4 wrapped up all the loose ties of the plot. So it doesn’t look like that a season 5 will be coming. Unless writer Ishida and the producing house decides, there is no hope. In answer to the new season, writer Ishida has been working on a new manga. It is called ‘Choujin X’. The new manga is very much similar to the Tokyo Ghoul but with more manmade evil than before.

Can the new manga make up for the new season?

Chances are the new manga writer Ishida is working on can make up for season 5. Choujin X revolves around regular Tokio Kurohara. He lives in a world of exceptionally super-powered humans. According to the first chapter, people become Choujin through natural means. But there might be a mysterious organization that has created a formula that, when injected into people via a syringe, can transform them into Choujin. Now Tokyo and his friend got their hands on the syringes and might have accepted their fate.

Could this manga be like Tokyo Ghoul but with the perspective of acceptance?

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