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Is TikTok Ban On 6th July 2021 Real, Why is The App in Trouble Again?

TikTok ban on July 6 is a piece of completely fake news, and the application is not leaving us for a long time. There are even reports which suggest that the video creating an app is actually pretty safe to use and collects data about its users just like any other social media platform such as Instagram and TikTok would dom Well if you wanna know more about this news, here we have wrapped up all the details. TikTok has always been having issues with the government of a variety of countries, and things got pretty serious last year when the US Government decided they will ban TikTok.

The reason behind this potential ban was the fact that there were alleged ties of the application to the Chinese Government. Well, after that, the ban on social media applications has been pushed over into the future and even was forgotten by many. For some time, it sure looked like the fans of this video-creating application were under the umbrella of the attacks of the US Government and their thoughts of banning the application.

Is Tiktok Getting Banned On 6th July 2021?

Tiktok logo

It was back in 2020 that the Trump Government started having concerns with the app. It was even dubbed as a threat to national security, and the Administration was about to ban TikTok after this. During this time, the US Government gave a deadline to Byte Dance, the parent company of TikTok, to submit their side of the platform to the States. Although, there was nothing that the government did about this deadline, and the date just passed away.

Tiktok Ban in 2021?

After this incident, the controversies regarding the application have not stopped, and they have also suffered some legal issues. These happened around the time when social media apps like TikTok as well as Facebook and Twitter were questioned and asked to submit their data collection policies during the FTC Order. Since that point in time, the platform has not faced any sort of legal threat that would make it a national risk to the company.

Well, a lot of people think that this new outlook towards TikTok is because of the change in government, from Trump Administration to President Joe Biden. The news came out back in February of 2021 that the Biden Administration has released some of the federal pressure off of TikTok’s back. At one point, the Justice Department in the country even suggested that the case might completely be dropped against the social media app. After this, even a report by the Cybersecurity experts suggested that TikTok does not pose any threat regarding the user collected data to the United States. With these sorts of positive confirmations, the application might not have to worry about their future in the industry. We are not sure about it, but at least the near future looks good for the app.

Fans’ Reaction

At the same point in time, you guys should know that there was a popular discussion among the TikTok users about the federal government and its involvement with TikTok. It said that, despite the government acting in a hostile manner towards the app, it does not matter because new people have been signing up every day to TikTok almost every day. It is because of the race in competition in the social media space, and even Instagram as well as Twitter and Dubsmash, and even YouTube Shorts have come forward with their own spin on the concept of making short videos. But till this point in time, no company was able to score as much as TikTok has done.

The news of banning TikTok was not taken positively by the fans, with famous TikTok stars such as Charlie D’Amelio as well as Addison Rae stepping up to protest against it. There are reports which suggest that TikTok actually welcomes more than 21 million users daily on an average in Apple devices, whereas the same count on Android is about 12 million. At this point in time, the company has not revealed any news regarding the exact numbers of the users. But even without it, we can confirm that the application still gets an overwhelming response daily. Well, of course, people are just very glad that TikTok is not going anywhere, even with all the scares that the US Government has been putting us through.

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