Is The Purge Real In America? Here’s How It Could Happen

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Is The Purge Real In America? Here's How It Could Happen
Is The Purge Real In America? Here's How It Could Happen

There is a concept called the Purge, whereby laws will no longer be enforced. Meanwhile, the crazy people let their hair down and do whatever they want without consequences. There has been a similar incident before, and it was exactly as one would expect. In such a society, the worst of people were seen, including murder, chaos, and complete anarchy. If you are unfamiliar, The Purge is an American anthology media franchise centered on a series of dystopic action horror films. Distribution of the film is undertaken by Universal Pictures.

The series was created by Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes. The stories were written and, in some cases, also directed by James DeMonaco. “The Return of the Archons” was an episode from Star Trek: The Original Series that inspired him. The series presents American society as seemingly normal, crime-free, and prosperous. In reality, the nation is a dystopia where every year, a national holiday is observed called The Purge. It is a day during which murder, and any other crime, is legal for 12 hours. Basically, during the 12 hour period, anything goes, as crime rates dropped, the population was controlled, and weapons and security revenue were generated.

As a result of watching this type of series, viewers are left with many questions. One of the most common questions is, “Is the Purge Real in America?” Is it happening anywhere in the world? If it is, then how could it happen? These and many other questions surround the Purge. In this article, we will take a look at the Purge in detail. The article will also discuss Is the Purge Real In America? and Here’s How it Could Happen.

Is The Purge Real In America? Here's How It Could Happen
The Purge

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Is the Purge Real In America?

Many viewers of the series The Purge left with a lot of questions after watching the show. If the Purge has really occurred in America or if the Purge is real, what are they concerned about? To answer the question of whether the Purge really happened, the answer is yes. The events that were similar to the Purge have occurred before. Additionally, it is not known whether it occurred in America. Crime rates are constantly on the rise, but there is a strong legal system in place as well. That means that there are no Purge scenarios there.

Furthermore, if you are curious about what would happen if the purge scenario occurred in America, you might be interested in watching The Purge. The series can be viewed on Hulu. This service allows streaming of the series. Additionally, the series is returning for its second season. On October 15, 2021, the series will premiere in the United States. The show will air every Tuesday at 9/8c.

Is The Purge Real In America? Here's How It Could Happen
The Purge Season 1

Here’s How it Could Happen

There are various ways in which the Purge occurs. From one Purge to the next, the rules are drastically different. It is not possible for law-enforcement agencies to intervene. In general, it would be quiet on the streets. But there certainly would be areas with greater traffic. It is very likely that the areas most in need of assistance will be places we already see much violence in the news. These areas are often characterized by gang activity and low socioeconomic levels. It would just increase the level of violence in those areas (which is already high).

Wealthier neighborhoods tend to focus on keeping their families safely inside instead of taking risks on the streets to commit crimes. As a criminal, one has a choice since, with real purges, one will either lose their life or be executed by another criminal. A bugging out or staying in a well-secured home would provide a better chance of survival than getting caught up in a gunfight.

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How To Survive The Purge

Regardless of the circumstances, if you want to survive The Purge, get out of dodge and go somewhere safe and well in advance. The benefit of doing it early is that you won’t have to deal with crowded traffic as everyone else is leaving. There is also no risk of being blocked by criminals who are eager to start early. Make sure you leave a few days, if not a week, early and have enough supplies to last you.

Additionally, avoid going to a place where you think you will be safe when you are leaving home. There will essentially be fishing nets laid out to catch desperate people at shelters, schools, police stations, and food halls. Ideally, you should avoid public places or places where people congregate altogether. Stick to quieter back roads and areas further out of town or away from the city center.

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