Is The Night King A Targaryen?

Game of Thrones is already in the middle of its final season. Two of the six episodes are out and the last four episodes will run for 80 mins which is half an hour more than the normal episodes that we are used to getting. In episode 1 of the final season, we saw another message from the Night King.

The White Walkers had left a child stuck on the wall with hands rounded around him. The normal humans know that it is some sort of a message but they don’t know what it is. In the second episode, Bran Stark aka Three-Eyed Raven revealed that the Night King wants a never-ending night and that is why he is after him because he is sort of a memory bank of humans.

There has always been a theory that only Targaryens have been able to ride the dragons in the past. This theory looked a bit shaky when a Stark Jon Snow rode one of the dragons in episode 1 but now we know that he is the true heir of the iron throne as his real name is Aegon Targaryen. So, we have just seen Targaryens and the Night King riding the dragon.

It isn’t out of place to think that the Night King was a Targaryen before he was converted into a White Walker. Have you looked closely at the symbol of House Targaryen? It is a symbol of Dragon which is similar to the symbol that the Night King has left more than once for the humans to see.

night king

So, everything seems to be hinting towards that Night King is one of the Targaryens. We have seen more than one frontline White Walkers but why a particular one was chosen as leading them.

This could be because when that guy was a human being he had some leadership qualities as well. It is a fact that leaders only lead an not follow. And who was the leader and King of Westeros in the past that was a Targaryen? The Mad King himself, the same king that Jamie Lannister killed. Is it possible that somehow he was resurrected as the Night King? Well, it certainly is possible and not out of the question.

There are more than one theories indicating that the Night King is a Targaryen. The good news is we do not have to wait for long now as we are already in the middle of the final season of Game of Thrones. Tell us in the comments section who do you think is the Night King, if you think someone else other than a Targaryen is the Night King mention your theories as well. So, let us see who the Night King really is in the near future.

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